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I was always struck by the man’s ability to turn any activity into something violent, and almost never looks like fun. I have to admit that I find very original right?

Anyway, always good to think of eating a good pizza, fun or not.

“Who pays the pizza? who does the dishes? who buys the beer?
Leave it to faith, play The Plate Roulette.
Instructions: Place the pizza (cake etc…) on the plate hiding the gun barrel. Everybody gets a slice. If you are the one who gets the bullet, you lose… or win!
Players: from 2 to 6.
Porcelain plate 31CM”

30 € at veinticuatrodientes

Siempre me ha llamado la atención la capacidad del hombre por covertir todo tipo de actividad en algo violento, y casi nunca me parece divertido. Tengo que reconocer que este me parece muy original ¿o no?

De todas formas siempre está bien pensar en comerse una buena pizza, sea divertida o no.

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