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Resolving disputes through mediation

When construction disputes arise, many people choose construction mediation to resolve their differences. There are many types of mediation methods available, depending on the situation and the needs of each party. However, all forms of mediation offer parties a flexible process to confidentially come to an agreement on differences with the help of a neutral […]

Delay claims in construction cases: common pitfalls

Written by Lyle Charles 80% of disputes in construction are due to delays in the project. In order to process construction delay claims correctly, it is important to understand the basic elements necessary to prove a delay claim. Delays often occur when the period of time has been extended on a project, due to circumstances not […]


Choosing Between Steel and Fiberglass Doors

When it comes to looking for a new exterior door, you have plenty of options to choose from. Two common materials used today are steel and fiberglass. Each of them has their pros and cons and are both used by many homeowners. Steel doors are cost-friendly. If you are looking for a door that’s sturdy, […]


Design Buildings with Steel

Written by Lyle Charles There is no shortage of materials you can choose to use when building a structure. Aside from the traditional options most people and businesses are familiar with, the last 10 or 20 years have seen a number of “green” options pop up and there is every reason to believe more are […]