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Should You Use A Second Home As An Investment?

Home As An InvestmentFor an additional source of passive income, many homeowners choose not to sell one of their homes when they move. Instead, they’ll allow families to rent the home, giving the original homeowners an extra monthly check to add to their bank account. However, there are several things that you have to factor in before doing this as you can easily run into financial trouble.


If you still have mortgage payments on the property that you’re looking to rent out, you’re just adding more to your plate. While the monthly income would be nice, it might not be able to cover other costs that you need to take care of – repairs, fees, etc. Before you make the move, be sure that you can afford having a second home under your name. In no case should this be a dependent source of income as you may have a high turnover rate when it comes to tenants.

Don’t Forget About Your Home

Just because you’re now a landlord, doesn’t mean that you can completely set aside your investment. Tenants have needs and things often can go awry. You need to be prepared to address issues that may cost you more money that you bargained for. If the house has plumbing issues or a burst pipe, guess who’s going to have to pay for it? That monthly check might start looking like it’s not worth it after the amount of work that you have to put in. If you’re prepared to handle all these problems on a whim, then there shouldn’t be much concern.

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Why Paying For A Home With Cash Can Be More Advantageous

Today’s real estate market is seeing a growing number of buyers purchasing homes with cash arrangements. It’s believed that this trend is due to new documentation and disclosure rules that are seeing more foreign cash buyers finding save haven in the US. If you’re in the market for a new home and are considering paying cash, here are some of the advantages.

Cash Buyers Are More Appealing

If a seller knows that a buyer is paying in cash, they tend to take them more seriously. Because the mortgage process is essentially time-consuming and there’s always the chance of an applicant getting denied, sellers like the security of straight cash. This also works in the favor of the buyer as cash is favorable when it comes to competing against others.

Position to Bargain

Paying with cash not only makes you more appealing to sellers, but it also puts you in a good position to bargain. Sellers want to get rid of their homes for the highest value that they can possibly get. However, what’s even more enticing is the fact that they’ll get their money sooner with cash payments.

No Mortgage Payments

Mortgage payments can easily cause financial distress. By paying with cash, not only will you have to deal with the hassles of paying off your mortgage, but you’ll be able to stay financially secure in the case of job loss or other misfortune. This is especially the case with homeowners that have suffered from bad credit and stuck with high interest rates. These payments can add up relatively quickly.

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Why You Should and Shouldn’t Forgo Hiring a Real Estate Agent

Hiring a Real Estate Agent

Deciding whether or not to use a real estate agent for a home sale depends on the amount of work you are willing to put in to the entire transaction. A real estate agent has the proper knowledge and tools that could help you move your house in a quick and efficient manner. By taking things into your own hands, you’ll avoid having to pay the commission to the agent, saving you a good amount of money. But, you’re also going to have to take care of the transaction from beginning to end.

Refusing To Use an Agent

Real estate agents can demand a hefty commission for their work performed. Homeowners can become turned off by this and resort to selling their home by themselves. There are many problems with this, the main being that most homeowners lack the marketing knowledge that real estate agents. Couple that with the negotiation process, and you’re adding even more on your already-full plate.

On the flip side, the amount that you make goes directly to your account and you won’t have to worry about cutting a percentile to give to your agent. Consider hiring a real estate attorney to help you out with the transactions and escrow, it’ll save you plenty of headaches.

Using an Agent

Real estate agents have experience negotiating home sales and will help you obtain more money based on your home’s value. They are experienced professionals that will help set up a fair and competitive selling price for your home and provide all of the necessary information that you need to get it off the market quickly. Overall, by choosing to hire a real estate agent, you’re relieving yourself of the stressful duties that one has to handle without an agent.

Bio: Kuba Jewgieniew is the CEO of Realty ONE Group, a real estate brokerage firm that has nearly 5,000 associated in three different states.

Learn Why More Americans are Choosing a Smarter Garage Door

There’ve been a lot of improvements to garage doors over the years, but one of the best is that of the automatic opening system. One of the finest examples of the modern home used to be the touch-activated garage door. One button press provided access to the home, with a remote unit kept in the car. Today, we’ve gone leaps and bounds further than that. Learn more about why so many American families are transitioning away from the old-school manual doors of yesteryear.

Automated Doors Add Convenience

On a practical level, automatic garage doors are a must for anyone with elderly or disabled members of the family living at home. They may not be capable of opening a manual door themselves. An automatic system allows for anyone to make use of the garage without the need to rely on others to open the door for them.

Smarter doors can take even more of the complication out of gaining access to the home. Doors can be programmed to open when you are within a certain proximity to your home. They can close themselves after your forgetful uncle returns from his trip to the supermarket.

Most automated doors open faster and quieter than their older cousins. Considering that the Garage door is the largest moving part in your home, it’s important that it do its job reliably and safely. Newer doors are built with durability and value in mind.

Secure Access Point

Nowadays, you can even opt to purchase garage door service from Atlanta, GA that comes with its own security system to detect if someone is attempting to open it without the remote, or that simply bolt themselves shut after they have been closed. This is much more secure than a padlock on a manual door, which could be easily cut with a pair of bolt cutters.

Installation and Pricing

The price on automatic systems is also rather affordable. Assuming the door you already have in place is compatible with an automatic opening system, installation tends to cost the typical family less than $500.

While you have a professional out, weigh the costs of potential repeat visits for garage door repair in McDonough, GA compared to replacing your old fixture. If you’ve had more than two service appointments in the past five years, it might be time for a replacement.

Most professionals can provide an estimate on your automatic garage door installation in Atlanta, and you might find companies more than willing to work with you on pricing or payment plans.
Superior Garage Doors services the Alanta, Georgia region, fixing everything from dents to entire installations at affordable rates.

Common Items that Home Inspectors Typically Miss

Home Inspectors Typically MissFinding the home of your dreams can turn into a nightmare quickly if the home inspector that you hired failed to find flaws in the building. Remember, a home inspection is your last line of defense before you go about your daily routine inside your new home. It’s imperative that you double-check these items that home inspectors often miss or do not touch during the inspection.

Heat and Air Conditioning Unit

If a home inspector misses these systems, they can cause some serious damage to your wallet. Often times they’ll be reluctant to check these in adverse conditions for the fear that it’ll become damaged resulting in a liability issue. Be sure to check if there is a disclaimer on the home inspection report as it relieves them from tinkering with it during the process. A recommendation is to have a separate specialist take a look at it that’s not the home inspector.


A home inspector will do a test of all of the appliances in the home to confirm that they are in working order. But, just because the washing machine works well during the inspection, it doesn’t mean that the day that you move in, it’ll completely break down on you. Often times, appliances will be in good condition and run perfectly the day of the inspection. Once the buyer moves in, the seller is absolved of all responsibility leaving it up the buyer to pay for any flare-ups.

Under Carpets

Significant wear and tear often comes out of the naked eye’s view. The interior of a property could look aesthetically pleasing, but it can also hide the problems that lie underneath. As a buyer, you can always ask the seller for permission to have the home inspector take a deeper look.

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Alternative Real Estate Investments

Real Estate InvestmentsInvesting in real estate can lead to lucrative amounts of money for retirees. It can be time-consuming though, which is a reason why many people search for alternative investment strategies. Here is a list of other opportunities that you can take advantage of.


If you fear the stock market because of its unpredictability, you can invest in an Exchange Traded Fund also known as an ETF. Instead of putting all your eggs in one basket, you can diversify your assets with a number of similar companies. There are options available for you to purchase dozens of real estate related stocks all at once so you can balance performance.

Housing Material Company Stocks

Housing materials companies can be invested in when the real estate market is in a boom phase. When natural disasters occur, there will be a rapid growth in their stocks because of the higher cost of building materials. Shareholders like you will prosper when the market is in demand for materials.

Public Home Builder Stocks

Public home builder stocks are available for you to invest in and are another great option. Dependent upon the real estate market, their volatility may be a bit higher than you would expect but you can potentially see large gains as well as dividends from certain companies.

Avoiding the hassle of being a landlord or manager of a property can make your retirement a lot more peaceful. By purchasing stocks, you can still receive income and won’t have to worry about being woken up at 2 in the morning to fix a broken furnace.

Bio: Kuba Jewgieniew is the founder of Realty ONE Group, a real estate firm that uses cutting-edge technology and proper real estate training to support their agents in their endeavors.

Read This Before You Buy a Condo

Condos are excellent, if you buy one for the right reasons. Buying a condo because it’s what you can afford can be a danger in the long run. One example is the two bedroom one bathroom condo, where it’s a very niche type of home for a niche type of occupant. Before you buy a condo, you must consider some important concepts first.

HOA Fees

Every condominium complex has a home owners association, that is responsible for general improvements and rules in the community. This association charges permanent fees for land use, which means you’re always paying something on a condo even if you buy it outright. Also, you may have trouble with repairs if others in the area are delinquent on their fees. Have your agent inquire about these fees if you plan to buy a condo for yourself.

Quality of Life

You should also explore the condo complex to be sure that you actually like the look and feel of the place. You won’t have the option to paint the exterior, and your balcony is what you get when you tour the condo. Amenities are another consideration you should make, like a pool or a gym on-sight.


Another consideration is the set of rules the HOA sets. If you plan to keep pets, or you enjoy gardening or doing art projects outdoors, you should check the HOA rules and make sure you like the lifestyle. The community wants to maintain its standards, but those standards may not gel well with your preferred lifestyle.

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Los vecindarios más populares en Miami para el 2014

El centro de la ciudad de Miami es uno de los lugares más fascinantes para vivir en los Estados Unidos. Cualquiera que viva cerca del centro de Miami tiene la oportunidad de disfrutar de buena gastronomía, excitante vida nocturna y una inmensa variedad de opciones en entretenimiento. Es por esta razón, y no es sorpresa, que Miami haya sido nombrada como una de las 10 ciudades más atractivas para el peatón en los Estados Unidos y que los apartamentos en Miami estén entre los más buscados.

Solo una una manera de tener  a su alcance las mejores opciones de  vivienda en Miami y es trabajando con agencias de bienes raíces especializadas en propiedades localizadas en los vecindarios más codiciados. Pero antes de embarcar en la búsqueda de condos en Miami, debería saber sobre sus aéreas más populares. Aquí hay un listado de los 5 vecindarios más codiciados entre la población de jóvenes profesionales.

Brickell, Miami

Brickell, Miami

Brickell: Al sur del río de Miami se encuentra Brickell, al cual se le conoce como “Millionaire’s Row” luego de haberse convertido en el hogar de una gran cantidad de mansiones de lujo en la década de los 90. Hoy en día es uno de los centros financieros de Miami más reconocidos, con edificios de gran altura que albergan las instituciones bancarias más importantes del área. Pero también es una de las zonas residenciales de mayor crecimiento y densidad en los Estados Unidos. Sin lugar a duda, los residentes de Brickell disfrutan de lo mejor de la vida urbana.

Wynwod: El vecindario de Wynwood es un paraíso para los residentes más vanguardistas, los que buscan de algo diferente. Es el hogar de muchas gallerías de arte innovadoras y atrevidas, restaurantes y negocios locales. El Miami Fashion Center también se encuentra en Wynwod, junto con la población más grande de puertorriqueños en el estado. Wynwod se encuentra muy cerca de Edgewater, un vecindario costero con una mescla de casas históricas y grandes edificios empresariales.

Lincoln Road: Si está buscando un vecindario que lo ubique en el corazón de los comercios más extravagantes y lujosos de los Estados Unidos, Lincoln Road es su mejor opción. Aquí se encuentran las mejores tiendas de ropa y boutiques de Miami, como lo son Lacoste y Alchemist. Con nuevos proyectos de desarrollo en Lincoln Lane North, este vecindario seguirá acrecentando su popularidad.

Sunset Harbour: Localizado en el “west end” (al extremo oeste) de South Beach, Sunset Harbor es el hogar de muchas tiendas de la más alta calidad. Pero además de tener una gran variedad de opciones en restaurantes y entretenimiento a corta distancia, sus residentes pueden alejarse de los turistas y disfrutar de caminatas tranquilas en la playa.

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