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The History of San Francisco’s Fillmore District

San Francisco’s Fillmore District has played an important role in the city’s growth since the 1800s. The District was created in response to the overcrowding problem faced by San Francisco throughout the latter half of the 1800s. Fillmore grew immensely, and became a commercial center after the 1906 earthquake because it was on the receiving end of very little damage.

Fillmore attracted immigrants of many descents, from Jewish and Japanese to African Americans (who later brought the jazz movement to San Francisco and the West coast). The Jews came from Eastern Europe, and many opened businesses on Fillmore and McAllister. The District had three synagogues at one point, and many considered it San Francisco’s Jewish community center throughout the 20th century.

Immigrants from Japan who settled into the Fillmore District also left their mark. Geary Boulevard slowly took on the persona of a San Francisco Japantown, where Nyogen Senzaki opened the first Zendo. That’s where Zen Buddhism was first brought to the US. However, the area also has a dark side. When President Roosevelt issued Order 9066, internment camps were built and Japanese citizens were rounded up and detained.

The homes those citizens left behind eventually became occupied by African Americans, who found work at local shipyards. They became the working class of artists and musicians that grew top talent like Ella Fitzgerald and Billie Holliday.

The Fillmore today remains a divisive place, as economic development stalls and gentrification looms. Much of the city is in a constant state of change, as new residents try to bring their own touch to San Francisco proper.

Bio: Retired Archbishop James Provence resides in Vacaville, where he blogs about the history of American railroads. James Provence also practices furniture making.

Gothic Architecture in France

By French Experience

No matter when you plan on paying a visit to France, there are always a few things you can expect. Almost all France vacations involve pleasant weather, amazing food and wine and beautiful architecture that’s hundreds of years old.

Most of the historic architecture in France is considered Gothic. It originated at around 1140 and remained prevalent in France until roughly 1500. The most popular example of this architecture may be the Notre-Dame de Chartres, but there are countless other structures throughout France that show off one of the four different Gothic styles. These include early Gothic, high Gothic, Rayonnant and Late Gothic.

Aside from Notre-Dame, you can visit the Palaise des Papes and the Conciergerie for other sites that are built in the Gothic style.

The style has a number of notable features. One is that it has very dynamic lines that often taper into peaks pointing toward the sky. Most buildings have a number of such points. Archways are also an important and prevalent feature too. Many buildings feature arches within arches within arches. You’ll also notice stained-glass windows all throughout the cathedrals.

So during your trip to France, make sure you take in some beautiful gothic architecture.


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Romantic Walks in Rome

Written by Italia Tours

What better place to spend your Italy honeymoon than within the Eternal City? There are several romantic places that you include in your Italia tours in Rome. You can walk with your love one on cobblestone streets and bask in balmy nights at quaint bistros along piazzas. You can also watch sunsets on terraces of old buildings and rooftop lounges.

Night View of St. Peter’s Basilica

St. Peter’s Square and Basilica is one of the favorite destinations in Rome tours. Little known to daytime tourists, you can go back at the piazza at night and see a whole different world. In fact, Rome looks entirely different at night. Minus the crowd, you can enjoy romantic walks by the angels bridge or Ponte Sant’Angleo. You can also stroll around several huge piazzas along St. Peter’s Basilica and Bernini fountain.

Gianicolo Hill

Here’s one secret among locals that you can include among your Rome excursions. The Gianicolo Hills holds the best panoramic views of the city and the Tiber River. Whether it’s your first night or the hundredth night in Rome, the views are just spectacular. There are also several interesting stops that you can make along the way, including the sculpture of Anita Garibaldi, and views of the Pantheon Dome.

Bridge of Ponte Milvio

The bridge of Ponte Milvio is famous not just because of the history behind it. A couple years back, it became tradition for lovers to put padlocks on the bridge as an expression of their love. However, due to the heavy weight of thousands of padlocks, they had to be removed in 2012. Even without the padlock tradition, a stroll as dusk or sunset at Ponte Milvio is nothing short of romantic and magical.

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Enjoy It In A Whole New Way

Article written by French Experience

Working is tiring and the routine we put ourselves into everyday and every week becomes really boring, tiring, and stressful as time goes by. We are unintentionally burning ourselves out and this really takes a tool on us. Before long, we become depressed and even question what we’re doing; asking ourselves if our profession is right for us. This might then lead on to a lot of existential questions, might cause us to quit our jobs or even give up on life. And as much as we think that’ll be the solution, that’s just going to cause more problems. However, there are preventive measures for this to make sure we never reach that point when we question what we’re doing. It’s a simple eight letter word and it starts with a V, vacation! And we’re not just talking about out-of-town vacations that are within the country, we’re talking vacations abroad in Asia or Europe!

A hit country these days is France. From Burgundy vacations to French Riviera vacations, France is chock full of great tourist spots and beautiful sights such as historic French castles! Take a departure from the usual sights and enjoy a majestic look into France’s past through their castles scattered through the country. We all need a break sometimes and not just the kind that has us sitting at home for a few days, go out there and explore lands past your own! Visit France and see what it has to offer you!

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