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Hidden Bookcase

This hidden bookcase turned your home into a stealthy secret lair. The hidden bookcase folds in half by sliding on steel tracks embedded in the floor and built into the header panel, both of which are completely hidden when the bookcase is in its normal unfolded position. Fill the thing up with books, and nobody […]


Gran Casino Costa Brava

The Gran Casino Costa Brava is located in the old gardens of the Grand Hotel Monterrey, in the center of Lloret de Mar (Girona), and is based on a singular architectural and environmental study signed by the b720 Arquitectos, led by Fermín Vázquez .


Coloring the wall with Amirko

Amirkhan Abdurakhmanov (better known as Amirko) has come up with this simple but dynamic wall decor idea for transforming an ordinary surface into a do-it-yourself design canvas that lets you set the tone (or tones) depending on your mood. Vía: dornob.com El mismo muro para una casi interminable combinación de diseños. Genial invento para un […]


The Bike Shelf designed by Chris Brigham

The Bike Shelf designed by Chris Brigham. Cool idea! The Bike Shelf designed by Chris Brigham. Cool idea! You want one? You can email Chris to make one for you. “While visiting many friends small apartments here in SF and more so in NY, I noticed that there is a void when it comes to […]


Casa en Koamicho por Suppose Design Office

Los arquitectos japoneses Suppose Design Office han completado una casa en Hiroshima, Japón, donde los residentes se mueven entre habitaciones a través de patios cubiertos. Casa que llamada Koamicho, es residencia de dos plantas y está situada en una parcela larga y estrecha. English text at the end Dos plazas de cristal entre las habitaciones […]