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Three ways to make outdoor cushion inserts

Summary: Cushions can add personality and style to any space, outdoor or indoors. There are three approaches to making your cushion inserts: fill it with plastic bags, cover an indoor insert, and buy a weatherproof insert.

Whenever you need to add some color and personality to a room in the house, all you need is to add some cushions or pillows. A proper set of cushions will uplift any part of the house, and they go very well with outdoor spaces. Often, people are hesitant to put cushions outside because they are not sure of exposure to bad weather. Here are three ways to make weatherproof outdoor cushions, all you will need is a cushion cover:

Method one – plastic bags

A cheap and easy method is to use plastic bags you have lying around as stuffing for a waterproof cushion cover. The advantage of this method is that you will probably have everything you need for this in the house and it is the cheapest of the three methods.

Method two – indoor insert

A lot of people will not like the feel of the cushion full of plastic bags. Another approach is to take an existing indoor cushion insert and place it inside a waterproof cover. At home, all you will need is a garbage bag or tall kitchen bags. Place the insert inside and seal it.

Method three – waterproof insert

The best method is to purchase a waterproof cushion insert. This will be the most comfortable and durable option, although it will involve buying an insert.

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Guide for cleaning cushions

Written by The Foam Factory

A good looking is more than just about the right lighting, colors, cushions and furniture. It is about upkeep. Anything that is maintained properly lasts longer and looks better. This applies to all elements of your home, from the patio cushion to your couch. Here is a quick guide on cleaning your cushions:

Beat it

Use the stick from a broom or a paddle and regularly beat the dust out of the cushions. For cushions attached to foam, take the whole piece outside and beat it. Be careful with older fabric, as they are likely to be fragile and prone to tearing. Wear a dust mask to prevent inhalation.


Use a vacuum with a soft brush attachment for delicate old fabric that you cannot beat for fear of damage. This is the safest way to keep them clean safely. You can also clean the inner foam at the same time unless they require a foam replacement due to age.


Keep cushions in the sun now and then to remove moisture and kill any bacteria or mold. Avoid keeping cushions in the sun in general, as the prolonged sun exposure will weaken the fibers and fade colors. As long as you keep them in the sun to dry them out, there should be no problems.

These tips, done regularly, will keep your cushions looking better for longer. Every year or so, give them a deep clean with appropriate cleaning products.


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Four styles of sofas explained

17Written by The Foam Factory

Sofas are a great way to add comfortable seating to your living room, patio or bedroom. Although most people may think that there are very few styles of sofas, a quick visit to a furniture store will indicate that there is a long list of designs. Here are a few of the most common sofas explained.

Sectional sofas – These are multi-piece sofas that often come in pieces of 3 or 5. Most of these sofas can be arranged in a number of configurations. These sofas will come with fixtures that will help to easily connect to keep them from separating. The most common configurations are L or U-shaped. Add cushions and invest in replacement cushions if a large family uses your sectional.

Chesterfield – These sofas are quilted or tufted mostly on the back and the arms. The furnishings on these sofas can only be replaced professionally and therefore are mostly made of leather or a synthetic fabric.

Lawson-style sofa – This style of sofa is very popular and comfortable as it has separate pillows apart from those on the frame. It is suitable for a busy family as the couch cushions can be removed and cleaned at home.

Mid-century modern – These sofas were popular in the 1940s-1970s and have made a recent comeback. They now come in minimalistic designs with clean lines. These sofas are more suited for living rooms that are used for entertaining guests and for formal gatherings. This is mainly because they look expensive, but are not very comfortable and not suited for lounging.


The Foam Factory specializes in manufacturing various foam products ideal for the indoors and outdoors. They provide a unique fast-drying foam that is ideal as outdoor couch foam.

The Pros of Choosing Mahogany for Your Next Front Door

The-Pros-of-Choosing-Mahogany-for-Your-Next-Front-DoorWritten by: ETO Doors

If you want a grand and elegant entrance to your home, mahogany entry doors quite possibly could be the perfect choice for you. The allure of mahogany has grown over the past centuries due to its’ rich and deep color scheme when applied to furniture.

Mahogany varies in color. Everything from yellowish to salmon-colored, you can mahogany exterior doors in just about any color pattern. A lavishly styled door style, your guests will love the small details on the design patterns. With a fine, medium texture and uniform interlocking grains, each mahogany door showcases an exceptional work of art.

One of the best things about mahogany is that it polishes to a high degree, making it look even more extravagant when displayed after cleaning. While mahogany is used a lot in furnishings like cabinets, tables, and chairs, they’ve also gained ground in the door industry as well. It’s well-known to be a premiere choice of wood for a front door and all of the characteristics that you want for a grand entryway, you’ll be able to find with mahogany.

Some of the benefits of owning a mahogany exterior door are that they are resistant to rot and decay. They’re long lasting, meaning that with little upkeep, your mahogany door will still shine brightly, even through the harsh weather patterns. It is recommended that you do care for your mahogany doors as they are a worthwhile investment.

A mahogany door will give your home a glorious and strong personality to it. Complimentary to almost any architectural style, these doors are made to last and also look good while doing it.

Using Glass to Enhance the Beauty of Your Exterior Doors












Written by ETO Doors.

A front door is the entry point to your home and the first thing that many people will see from the outside. You want people to notice your front door and be immediately enchanted by its beauty and charm. One way you can enhance the great looks of your front door is the thoughtful use of glass element. Whether it is windows in the doors or transoms and sidelights surrounding the door, glass can bring a light and airy feeling to the outside and inside of your entry door.

Having a front door with windows is a great source of natural light inside of your home along with giving you a view to look outside. You may want to choose a glass that is tinted or frosted to protect your privacy. Glass windows in front doors are also a great decorative feature to enhance the looks of a front door. This can include small cutout windows on a contemporary front door or large stained glass for a more baroque type of door.

The areas around your front door are also prime real estate for the use of glass. You can install transoms (windows directly over the door) or sidelights (windows at either side of the door) to bring in more light to your home along with creating a new architectural element. Sidelights and transoms are easy to install and can be put in at the same time as a new door or as an upgrade to an existing door to give it a fresh look.

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2015 Trend Watch: (In)Organic is In (and Out)


Keeping up-to-date on interior design trends is an exciting challenge for any décor enthusiast. In 2015, expect the unexpected, especially when it comes to old favorites that have seen very little change such as countertops and doors. The granite countertop has passed the point of ubiquity, but heavy natural wood countertops and backsplashes with organic, unfinished edges are taking the scene. These touches bring parts of nature indoors that old wooden furniture and fixtures left behind. A solid wooden countertop brings with it all of the benefits of a solid slab of wood, including durability and natural beauty.

The Twist

To complete this swap, pair these unexpected organics with an equally unexpected inorganic change somewhere else. Solid colored, un-textured or minimally-textured interior doors pair perfectly with raw, unfinished edges on wood, especially on large pieces of furniture such as tables and shelves. Try matching smaller accessories in the room (knickknacks, clocks, etc.) with the color used for the door, and use large rugs to pull color all the way down to floor level. This balances out the room and showcases the weight and heft of solid wood furniture without competing with hardwood flooring and doors.

Clean Slate

These aggressively minimalist, single-color doors function almost as palate cleansers as you move through your home. This reduces the visual over-saturation of repetitive wood grain textures at eye level, putting them instead at waist or hip height. It also offers an opportunity to use the full surface of the door. For interior doorways, like pantry and closet doors, consider using doors with slats to peek through, rather than imposing distance with more industrial glass panes.

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Residential Artificial Grass – What is it?

Article submitted by Artificial Turf Supply

When you turn on the television to watch your favorite team slugging it out on the football field, you should also be aware that the surface that they play on is one big artificial grass lawn. No kidding.

This was one of the first areas of application that gave artificial turf its first success, one which several players a lot of injury and in turn, gave these teams complete bandwidth to front their strongest team for the toughest game. And the owners of these teams saved costs by not only having their costliest players doing what they did best when they were needed most rather than having them sit on the bench due to injury but also obtained satisfactory results in the form of wins.

But this type of grass has also diversified into other areas such as for commercial purposes and for one’s home as well. Since the type of grass required is different for different purposes, our lawns at home use residential artificial grass in comparison to other types of artificial grass used for sports surfaces.

Along with this, contrary to popular opinion, one doesn’t have to spend very much in installing this type of grass for their lawn at home, and if you do, you will find that a lot of time and effort (that conventional grass requires) will also be saved.

So, if you want to find the latest artificial grass prices in the market, one can use the internet as a tool to find estimates depending on the size of the lawn, and the purpose involved.