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Interior Design Trends for 2017

The interior style of your home should be contemporary to ensure that it has plenty of appeals, says Dev Randhawa. When you want to transform the setting, there are a few interior design trends in 2017 to incorporate.

Matte Appliances

Although stainless steel appliances were a hit in recent years, more people are turning to matte appliances to enhance their kitchen. The finish creates a sleek design that looks high-end and doesn’t show spots or fingerprints easily.


Marble is a popular material to add to your home due to its luxe and regal appearance. Marble countertops are a must-have when you want to makeover your kitchen or bathroom. It looks modern when paired with wood or gold fixtures for the proper balance. If you’re on a budget, consider adding a marble clock or a marble coffee table instead of using it on larger spaces.

Subway Tiles

Subway tiles are increasing in popularity for their sleek and urban design. You can install them on the backsplash of your kitchen or in a shower in a bathroom to create a light and airy effect in each room. The subway tiles will pair well with other color shades and will allow the space to appear larger.

Velvet Furniture

Velvet furniture is cozy when you want to incorporate extra warmth into the home with a material that is luxurious. Choose to use it on an accent chair or the sofa to make it the focal point of the setting.

Learn Why More Americans are Choosing a Smarter Garage Door

There’ve been a lot of improvements to garage doors over the years, but one of the best is that of the automatic opening system. One of the finest examples of the modern home used to be the touch-activated garage door. One button press provided access to the home, with a remote unit kept in the car. Today, we’ve gone leaps and bounds further than that. Learn more about why so many American families are transitioning away from the old-school manual doors of yesteryear.

Automated Doors Add Convenience

On a practical level, automatic garage doors are a must for anyone with elderly or disabled members of the family living at home. They may not be capable of opening a manual door themselves. An automatic system allows for anyone to make use of the garage without the need to rely on others to open the door for them.

Smarter doors can take even more of the complication out of gaining access to the home. Doors can be programmed to open when you are within a certain proximity to your home. They can close themselves after your forgetful uncle returns from his trip to the supermarket.

Most automated doors open faster and quieter than their older cousins. Considering that the Garage door is the largest moving part in your home, it’s important that it do its job reliably and safely. Newer doors are built with durability and value in mind.

Secure Access Point

Nowadays, you can even opt to purchase garage door service from Atlanta, GA that comes with its own security system to detect if someone is attempting to open it without the remote, or that simply bolt themselves shut after they have been closed. This is much more secure than a padlock on a manual door, which could be easily cut with a pair of bolt cutters.

Installation and Pricing

The price on automatic systems is also rather affordable. Assuming the door you already have in place is compatible with an automatic opening system, installation tends to cost the typical family less than $500.

While you have a professional out, weigh the costs of potential repeat visits for garage door repair in McDonough, GA compared to replacing your old fixture. If you’ve had more than two service appointments in the past five years, it might be time for a replacement.

Most professionals can provide an estimate on your automatic garage door installation in Atlanta, and you might find companies more than willing to work with you on pricing or payment plans.
Superior Garage Doors services the Alanta, Georgia region, fixing everything from dents to entire installations at affordable rates.

3 Ideas for a Weekend Home Improvement


Weekends are a great time to check off some of those items that have been nagging at you. Home improvement can be a big job if you let too many tasks pile up, but you can get a lot done one weekend at a time. Try to make it a point to go through your house and complete something small. If you need ideas to get started, read on for three basic places to begin.

Replace Faucets

When you replace your faucet, it’s like a light bulb goes off in your head that signals the home is truly yours. For most people living in apartments, you’ve probably dealt with the same old fixtures installed just to do the job. This is your chance to choose something stylish, and to upgrade the bathroom. Usually, faucets are the first place to start. Then you can try building a custom wood frame for the mirrors.

Replace Your Front Door

One of the best ways to improve the curb appeal of your home is to replace the front door with something new. Metal doors can feel secure, but they won’t look very attractive to potential buyers if they are outdated. Modern aluminum doors have better insulation and more attractive styles. You might even consider opting for wood doors fitted with various accessories.

Replace Lighting Fixtures

Outdated lighting fixtures aren’t attractive, and they don’t do a good job reducing your energy bills either. Replace them with a new fixture that utilizes energy efficient bulbs. Wiring is very simple, just remember to shut the breaker off before you start working.

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Door Accents for Your Home

In feng shui, the front door is one of the most important elements of a home. The door must be strong and sturdy, yet remain aesthetically pleasing. This same principle of design goes into making an attractive home with curbside appeal. You don’t want mis-matched colors, rusted door knobs and peeling paint to detract from your investment. Here are some accents to liven up your doorway and add more life to your home.

Most doors, especially wooden ones, either come with glass fitted into the door or you can add-on a glass accent as you want. It’s insulated, so there is a small reduction in the amount of heat that the door lets into the home. This also keeps your home energy efficient, reducing the costs to run your air conditioning or heating.

You may have seen colored decals, or frosted glass as well. These accents are ones you can usually apply yourself, but you can always place a custom order for a particular design that you find appealing.

Glass also comes in one of two forms. As a large lite, you can expect a single pane of glass to let in lots of unobstructed lighting. Windows can also be separated, usually by metal frames, into several smaller lites. Old-fashioned doors used to do this pane by pane, but today’s doors use a single pane, and then apply the divides to the glass for the desired effect.

You can also purchase transoms, which are available in shapes like an arch or an ellipse. These small changes add a lot of character to your entryway and make your door a lot more presentable to guests.

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Bamboo floors in building construction

By Bamboo Flooring Facts

When it comes to construction, the sky’s the limit these days in terms of materials. You can find walls, floors and fixtures made out of all types of different things. Floors are especially diverse these days. You can find them made out of traditional options like ceramic and wood or more exotic choices like polished cement and cork.

One especially popular choice you’re going to continue seeing more of is bamboo. In terms of overall quality and look, you can’t compete with what bamboo floors bring to the table. Plus, thanks to options like wholesale bamboo flooring, value is a priority you can keep when you get your floors installed .You won’t be overspending a dime. Plus, there are even options that make it easy to install these floors on your own.

Bamboo floors have a unique look all their own. They resemble traditional hardwood floors, but with a different pattern that’s unique to bamboo. However, like hardwood floors, they make it obvious your home is a classy establishment. Like the traditional option, they’re also fairly durable and easy to clean and maintain.


Bamboo Flooring Facts offers all the information you’d ever need to know about how to install bamboo flooring, which is increasingly becoming the material of choice for all kinds of floors. Head over there for everything from pricing information to advice on choosing your particular type and how to take care of it so it lasts.

Tips on Choosing the Right Banquet Hall Architecture

Article Written by : Furniture Holic

There are many things to consider when looking for a place to host your wedding or special event. The right banquet hall must be the appropriate size and must also offer your guests the appropriate amenities for the event. Another element to consider when choosing the right venue is architecture. In fact, the right style of architecture can add beauty, atmosphere, and décor to your party. On the other hand, the wrong style can take away from the tone and theme of your event. To avoid making the wrong decision, follow these important tips on how to choose the right banquet hall architecture.

Match the tone of your event.  If your wedding is a formal, black tie event, don’t choose a modern recreation center as your venue. Instead consider an elegant banquet hall in a classic building. Some great styles of architecture for formal events include Italian-style architecture, Middle Eastern architecture, and Greek architecture.

Match the theme of your party. If you’re throwing an ethnic wedding, consider choosing a venue inspired by the décor of the country you’re from.  There are many banquet halls in Los Angeles that are decorated in classic Armenian, Persian, and Lebanese architecture.

Consider its historical value. A great way to add beauty to your special event is to choose a venue that is also a historical site, such as Brandview Ballroom in Glendale. You can also look into historical parks, libraries, and gardens. There are also many historical banquet halls in Pasadena. Chances are an historical site will offer character and charm to your event. It will also be a great backdrop for photographs.

Hidden Bookcase

This hidden bookcase turned your home into a stealthy secret lair.

The hidden bookcase folds in half by sliding on steel tracks embedded in the floor and built into the header panel, both of which are completely hidden when the bookcase is in its normal unfolded position. Fill the thing up with books, and nobody will know this secret book. It is available now for $3000.