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Prepping Your Doors for Winter Storms

Winter storms can be extremely dangerous for homeowners looking to protect their investment. While everyone understands the potential for destruction caused by hurricanes and tornadoes, the reality is that any serious winter storm can damage a home. This is especially true for doors, which can be damaged by winds hurling rocks and smaller debris at homes.

If you are in a situation where your area is expected to be hit by a storm of any type that will bring high winds, you’ll want to protect your doors along with your windows. Installing storm doors at your home is the best way to protect your exterior doors from storm damage. But if you don’t have the time to do this before a storm hits, there are still ways to protect your doors from potential damage.

1. Do an inspection of your front doors before the storm hits. Check to see if the hinges have missing or loose screws or need any other repairs. You can make the hinges stronger by replacing existing screws with longer ones or adding a hinge.

2. How is your door threshold connected? It will be more resistant to wind if it is screwed to the house itself instead of the door frame.

3. Add a deadbolt to make your door more wind resistant. If you have double doors, check that the second door’s barrel bolt goes all the way into floor.

4. If your doors have glass panes, protect them as you would your major exterior windows. You can use hurricane film to keep the doors from shattering under high winds or cover up the door windows with pieces of plywood.

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