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Hidden Bookcase

This hidden bookcase turned your home into a stealthy secret lair.

The hidden bookcase folds in half by sliding on steel tracks embedded in the floor and built into the header panel, both of which are completely hidden when the bookcase is in its normal unfolded position. Fill the thing up with books, and nobody will know this secret book. It is available now for $3000.


I will survive

Very good and optimistic design, my withered plants could use a little encouragement like this.

“It’s every plant’s wish… and its owners too.
Hand made clay plant pot.
Designed and produced in Spain.
Plant not included. ”

20 € at veinticuatrodientes

Lindo y optimista diseño; a mis marchitas plantas les vendría bien un poco de ánimo como este


I was always struck by the man’s ability to turn any activity into something violent, and almost never looks like fun. I have to admit that I find very original right?

Anyway, always good to think of eating a good pizza, fun or not.

“Who pays the pizza? who does the dishes? who buys the beer?
Leave it to faith, play The Plate Roulette.
Instructions: Place the pizza (cake etc…) on the plate hiding the gun barrel. Everybody gets a slice. If you are the one who gets the bullet, you lose… or win!
Players: from 2 to 6.
Porcelain plate 31CM”

30 € at veinticuatrodientes

Siempre me ha llamado la atención la capacidad del hombre por covertir todo tipo de actividad en algo violento, y casi nunca me parece divertido. Tengo que reconocer que este me parece muy original ¿o no?

De todas formas siempre está bien pensar en comerse una buena pizza, sea divertida o no.

Vía : noquedanblogs

Super minimal T-Shirts by BLXNK

“Super minimal, graphical T-Shirts, spotted over on Vetted. Cross + Circle.”

Vìa Swissmiss


I could eat a horse by Stefán Pétur Sólveigarson

I could eat a horse is a spaghetti measuring tool by Stefán Pétur Sólveigarson

Good rule for spaghetti for everyone, and I say this as someone who loves to eat this food, hehe.

And in which category are you?


Excelente regla para spaguetti para todos los gustos, y lo digo como alguien a quien le encanta comer pastas, jeje.

Y vos que tanto comés ?


Spray it from Quirky

Spray it, don’t squeeze it – Stem from Quirky

Is a nice creation that gives us a small but practical.

Es una simpática creación que nos facilita en un pequeño pero práctico sentido la vida diaria. Dejamos atrás las dolorosas gotas de limón en los ojos al apretarlos jeje


Sparrow Key Ring with Birdhouse

“All you have to do is remember to do what sparrows do and go to your house whenever you’re in the area.
You can’t do that?
Are you a birdbrain or what? Sorry.
From a website:
Let the little sparrow be your best friend.
He will be everywhere with you.
He can whistle to make noise and ask for help in an emergency.
And as soon you come home he puts your keys in a safe place.
The little birdhouse is self-adhesive on the back. “



Belle Air Bathtub Hardware

Funny and interesting Bathtub Hardware

Designed by Christo Lefroy Brooks.