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Prepping Your Doors for Winter Storms

Winter storms can be extremely dangerous for homeowners looking to protect their investment. While everyone understands the potential for destruction caused by hurricanes and tornadoes, the reality is that any serious winter storm can damage a home. This is especially true for doors, which can be damaged by winds hurling rocks and smaller debris at homes.

If you are in a situation where your area is expected to be hit by a storm of any type that will bring high winds, you’ll want to protect your doors along with your windows. Installing storm doors at your home is the best way to protect your exterior doors from storm damage. But if you don’t have the time to do this before a storm hits, there are still ways to protect your doors from potential damage.

1. Do an inspection of your front doors before the storm hits. Check to see if the hinges have missing or loose screws or need any other repairs. You can make the hinges stronger by replacing existing screws with longer ones or adding a hinge.

2. How is your door threshold connected? It will be more resistant to wind if it is screwed to the house itself instead of the door frame.

3. Add a deadbolt to make your door more wind resistant. If you have double doors, check that the second door’s barrel bolt goes all the way into floor.

4. If your doors have glass panes, protect them as you would your major exterior windows. You can use hurricane film to keep the doors from shattering under high winds or cover up the door windows with pieces of plywood.

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Mini BatSignal

Mini Batman Bat-Signal

  • The perfect little Bat-Signal to signal mini Batmans (Batmen?)
  • Full-color 48 page mini book included, all about Batman’s history.
  • Bat-Signal pivots on base.
  • Battery: 1 x CR1632 (included)
  • Dimensions:
    • Bat-Signal: approx. 1.5″ x 2.5″ x 1.75″
    • Mini Book: 2.5″ x 3″ x 0.125″


Cleaning Up by Alex Solis

Funny design for a sad clown jeje

by Alex Solís



HANDTRUX SHOVEL  is a nice accessory to dig in the sand or snow. Now the children can be bulldozers and raze all fields.

For sale at $ 18 here


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I will survive

Very good and optimistic design, my withered plants could use a little encouragement like this.

“It’s every plant’s wish… and its owners too.
Hand made clay plant pot.
Designed and produced in Spain.
Plant not included. ”

20 € at veinticuatrodientes

Lindo y optimista diseño; a mis marchitas plantas les vendría bien un poco de ánimo como este


I was always struck by the man’s ability to turn any activity into something violent, and almost never looks like fun. I have to admit that I find very original right?

Anyway, always good to think of eating a good pizza, fun or not.

“Who pays the pizza? who does the dishes? who buys the beer?
Leave it to faith, play The Plate Roulette.
Instructions: Place the pizza (cake etc…) on the plate hiding the gun barrel. Everybody gets a slice. If you are the one who gets the bullet, you lose… or win!
Players: from 2 to 6.
Porcelain plate 31CM”

30 € at veinticuatrodientes

Siempre me ha llamado la atención la capacidad del hombre por covertir todo tipo de actividad en algo violento, y casi nunca me parece divertido. Tengo que reconocer que este me parece muy original ¿o no?

De todas formas siempre está bien pensar en comerse una buena pizza, sea divertida o no.

Vía : noquedanblogs

Lid Sid by Luka Or

I have to say I’m shocked, this is one of the designs that I liked most in a while. It would be very happy if I had one of these


Bueno, tengo que decir que estoy conmovido; este es unos de los diseños que me han gustado mas en mucho tiempo. No puedo decir lo práctico que me vendría tener uno de estos !!

Excelente !

designed by Luka Or

Vía likecool

Lifts your pot lids as needed and keeps then lifted.
Each measures 2″ x 1.8″ x 1″.
Set of two (one red + one white): $16.

The Mark Brothers by Shahar Peleg

Friendly assistants to not confuse your connections

Simpàticos ayudantes para que no pierdas de control tus conexiones

Vía Swissmiss