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Famous Steel Structures

By Lyle Charles When it comes to steel, you may think of cold hard metal. It’s straight, connects at right angles and doesn’t come across as having a whole lot of personality. However, if that’s what you imagine, you’ve been woefully misinformed about what this beautiful metal can do. The truth is that metal structures […]


Design Buildings with Steel

Written by Lyle Charles There is no shortage of materials you can choose to use when building a structure. Aside from the traditional options most people and businesses are familiar with, the last 10 or 20 years have seen a number of “green” options pop up and there is every reason to believe more are […]


Steel Brick and Muscle

By Lyle Charles Construction projects are often a large complicated mess with many factors involved, one of which is manpower. People are unlike machines in the way that they can often make mistakes and are a common source for misunderstandings; a statement may mean one thing to one person, and another to another person. These […]