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How to Avoid Court When Solving Construction Claims

avoid-court-construction-delayConstruction delay claims can cause trouble for any construction outfit, regardless of size. These claims usually deal with some mismanagement of scope of work or an injury on site, and they can go to trial if both parties don’t make every possible effort to avoid that outcome.

The reason construction mediation is preferable to trial is that both parties will require significant financial resources to acquire representation in court and make their case. In mediation, it’s much easier to make this case in front of a third party without expert witnesses or attorneys running up a tab. For most companies, mediation should be the ideal outcome for any claim that goes beyond the filing period.

The key to avoiding trial is in construction claim preparation. It’s crucial that you document every aspect of the contracted work, as well as your fulfillment of that contract. This will save you’re the expense of going to trial more than any other tip on this page. Tracking the scope of work, as well as all contractual obligations, should be something you do on a regular basis to make sure the project requirements are being fulfilled.

It’s surprising how many companies fail at tracking this basic information.

If both parties still have a disagreement after a claim has been filed, mediation and trial may be your only options left. Mediation is still preferable because it’s faster than trial. Trial also brings additional costs that mediation doesn’t even deal with.

Lyle Charles Consulting has more than 30 years of experience owning and managing construction companies, construction mediation and more.

Construction Mediation: Tips to Resolve the Claim

construction-mediation-arguingIn construction delay claims, lost time equals lost revenue from the project for pretty much everyone involved in the claim. Depending on those costs, it may be tempting to consider trial in the heat of the moment. This isn’t a decision to be taken lightly, however, as trial may bind you to a decision not in your favor. A better idea is to attempt mediation first.

Construction mediation seeks to resolve a claim with a solution that tends to compensate both parties, or at least leave both parties satisfied with the outcome. It may be that someone owes you money, but continuing the work relationship would allow them to recoup some of those losses. In that case, both parties may be willing to accept the outcome.

Mediation requires an open mind, and a bit of patience. Construction advisory services will often recommend clients spend time carefully documenting their side of the case, then calmly presenting the evidence. Bear in mind, mediation allows the opposing side to air its grievances. A mediator’s job isn’t to find who is at fault, only to help the parties come to a solution they can agree to.

Mediation works for most situations, but you do have the option to back out if you find your case is simply not presented well enough. You would need to take the other party to court in that case, but mediation allows you the chance to work towards a resolution first. It’s a tactic used in civil cases, where parties have business disagreements, and it’s a great tactic to preserve the business relationship with another company.

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What to Keep in Mind for Construction Delay Claims

Small and insignificant delays can affect an entire project at a larger magnitude than you might believe. Although their insignificance can be ruled out at first, the ultimate cost to the project can be severe with consequential damages.

Establishing a Claim

In order to build up a case for your claim, you’ll need more than just building plans and basic information. Other data-based factors including scheduling, efficiency analysis, and project management should be embedded within the claim to maximize the chances of success. This means looking into construction advisory services to hire a professional expert that is needed to assist with gathering all of the data. Additionally, hiring an attorney before any work has started will help mitigate the damage caused by delays and manage the caused risks associated.




Be Wary of Delays

During a construction project, it’s important to remain vigilant of potential causes of delays. Shifts in weather or poor planning are already signs of delayed activity. Although there are times where these events can’t be avoided, one should anticipate them early through planning detailed schedules. Improper scheduling is a major mistake that you should avoid if possible. Remember, unreasonable time requirements won’t just magically work themselves out throughout the life of the project. They need to be addressed.

Document Everything

If a delay is suspected, ensure that all activities are well-documented and are updated frequently once the project moves along. Be sure that you record all of the costs and efficiencies of the delay. Generally, even in construction mediation, the side that keeps better records will prevail in a dispute.

Bio: Lyle Charles is the president of Lyle Charles Consulting. If you’re inquiring about construction delay claims, let Lyle and his experienced team help guide you through the process with effective results.

Learn Why More Americans are Choosing a Smarter Garage Door

There’ve been a lot of improvements to garage doors over the years, but one of the best is that of the automatic opening system. One of the finest examples of the modern home used to be the touch-activated garage door. One button press provided access to the home, with a remote unit kept in the car. Today, we’ve gone leaps and bounds further than that. Learn more about why so many American families are transitioning away from the old-school manual doors of yesteryear.

Automated Doors Add Convenience

On a practical level, automatic garage doors are a must for anyone with elderly or disabled members of the family living at home. They may not be capable of opening a manual door themselves. An automatic system allows for anyone to make use of the garage without the need to rely on others to open the door for them.

Smarter doors can take even more of the complication out of gaining access to the home. Doors can be programmed to open when you are within a certain proximity to your home. They can close themselves after your forgetful uncle returns from his trip to the supermarket.

Most automated doors open faster and quieter than their older cousins. Considering that the Garage door is the largest moving part in your home, it’s important that it do its job reliably and safely. Newer doors are built with durability and value in mind.

Secure Access Point

Nowadays, you can even opt to purchase garage door service from Atlanta, GA that comes with its own security system to detect if someone is attempting to open it without the remote, or that simply bolt themselves shut after they have been closed. This is much more secure than a padlock on a manual door, which could be easily cut with a pair of bolt cutters.

Installation and Pricing

The price on automatic systems is also rather affordable. Assuming the door you already have in place is compatible with an automatic opening system, installation tends to cost the typical family less than $500.

While you have a professional out, weigh the costs of potential repeat visits for garage door repair in McDonough, GA compared to replacing your old fixture. If you’ve had more than two service appointments in the past five years, it might be time for a replacement.

Most professionals can provide an estimate on your automatic garage door installation in Atlanta, and you might find companies more than willing to work with you on pricing or payment plans.
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Painting your Closet can bring out your Personality

Closet_System_Center_IslandSummary: Different closets need different color schemes.

Homeowners tend to overlook the color scheme of their closets. While it may not be as open to your guests as a living room, having the right color could speak a lot about your personality. An added benefit from painting your closet is that it brings out the quality of your clothes color. So that elegant dress doesn’t have to look so depressing in the corner anymore.

Here are some color recommendations that you can apply to the many types of closets.

Your primary closet needs a bright color scheme. This makes it easier to find all of your clothing. Semi-gloss is recommended because of the ability to reflect more light, making your clothes stand out. If you have a larger space with walk in closet organizers being the bread and butter of your closet, try matching with the type of wood that your organizer is made from.

Guest rooms are a bit more flexible then other rooms. That being said, you can experiment with your closet colors. When your guest opens up the closet, you want a color that’s going to jump out at them. Whether it’s a neutral tone with bright highlights or a contrasting color, try and tap into your creative side with this one.

If you have an integrated closet that’s open to the room, you don’t want to highlight that section to where it looks like neon signs are pointing directly at it. Choose a color that matches your room or a try a slightly lighter tone. This way you don’t draw the attention directly at your closet.

Whether the space you’re working with is a guest room or a converted DIY walk in closet that you created from scratch, a color theme is essential to its look. Vastly overlooked, stand out from the crowd and create a closet that showcases your creativity and personality.


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Planning for a Refinery Turnaround


A turnaround project is planned for months, sometimes years in advance. Refineries occasionally need to shut down in order to perform routine maintenance. It’s more cost effective in some cases to conduct this maintenance at once. In other situations, it would be impossible for the plant to function if even a small portion of it was taken offline.

Because of that down time, and the potential for millions in lost revenue, construction & turnaround services are crucial components of a successful refinery operation.

Turnarounds Explained

A turnaround occurs when a refinery needs preventative maintenance, or an upgrade. Turnaround operations often have to meet strict regulations from the government, which requires construction consulting services that are trained in engineering or waste disposal.

Turnarounds are typical every three to five years, but can occur on a faster frequency depending on the kind of refinery. If a turnaround isn’t conducted, a shutdown is likely due to some kind of failure. Why don’t companies just wait for the next failure to repair?

Too many variables. If that failure causes an explosion, it could cause major losses in personnel or affect other equipment on the site.


Turnarounds can be completed in just a few weeks if the crew is skilled enough at their jobs, and all materials are available. However, a turnaround doesn’t end when the crew packs up. There are inspections and tests that need to be run on the refinery before it’s proven safe for work again.

Bio: For more than 40 years, Lyle Charles has helped businesses with commercial and residential construction projects. Lyle Charles Consulting is available to expedite your construction claim.



Construction Claims are a Part of Modern Day Construction


Written by: Lyle Charles

Summary: What are the pitfalls associated with construction claims?

Construction claims can have a negative, combative sound to them, but in some cases they are a positive step and help streamline the completion of a building project.

Well-managed claims can help all parties involved solve their differences, get paid and move ahead.

Basically, most construction claim management boils down into these three main groups or categories: Changes in scope of work, Differing site conditions and Time-related problems like delays and disruption.

Of course, these three categories of claims can overlap. But, the bottom line is: who you hire to manage these claims and how well they manage them makes a big difference in the success of a project. Look for far-reaching experience in construction advisory services and claims analysis. Especially when it comes to full scale projects such as arenas or skyscrapers. Professionals experienced in building codes and structural steel are especially valuable when there is a question of materials used.

When a lawyer or legal team or mediator effectively manages a claim well, it eases the burden on the contractor, subcontractor and owner. Claims managers also help prepare evidence for your side of the story, organizing your files and work orders to help defend your business interests.

An experienced legal team is your front line in construction disputes and their job is

to use their combined skill, experience and teamwork to protect you. If you manage these claims on your own, you have to sacrifice manpower and time, two of a construction firm’s most important assets.


Bio: Lyle Charles Consulting offers advisory services and claims management, with a specialty in commercial construction projects.

How Doors and Feng Shui Relate

The ancient practice of feng shui originated in China. Feng shui helps people arrange living or work places to attract more health, love, and success. Since this practice considers the direction, size, or color of the front door of the home or building an important factor in attracting good energies, it’s important to find the favorable position first. When properly positioned, the front door allows good energies to enter and prevents negative energies from touching the individuals inside the space. Start by identifying the proper feng shui direction of the front door in order to increase and attract positive energies.

Measure Door Direction

Use a compass to find the feng shui direction. This information is used to properly plan the flow of the home. Hold the compass in the palm and walk towards the front door. Perform this on the door used most often to enter or exit the home, even if this is a side door.

Open the door and stand in front. Your back should face the inner space of the home and your face should look at the street or at the lawn. The compass shows the direction of the front door.

Attract good energies

Feng shui believers say that use of color, cleanliness, clutter avoidance, and decoration can improve the energies entering and staying in the home. For instance, a dirty or cluttered home is likely to attract negative energies. Cleaning, coloring, and decorating are said to improve the actual qualities of light and air within the space.


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