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What to Keep in Mind for Construction Delay Claims

Small and insignificant delays can affect an entire project at a larger magnitude than you might believe. Although their insignificance can be ruled out at first, the ultimate cost to the project can be severe with consequential damages. Establishing a Claim In order to build up a case for your claim, you’ll need more than […]


Planning for a Refinery Turnaround

A turnaround project is planned for months, sometimes years in advance. Refineries occasionally need to shut down in order to perform routine maintenance. It’s more cost effective in some cases to conduct this maintenance at once. In other situations, it would be impossible for the plant to function if even a small portion of it […]


How Doors and Feng Shui Relate

The ancient practice of feng shui originated in China. Feng shui helps people arrange living or work places to attract more health, love, and success. Since this practice considers the direction, size, or color of the front door of the home or building an important factor in attracting good energies, it’s important to find the […]