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Bubbles by Dream and Fly

Dream and Fly is a micro-hotel concept by hours. “Dream and Fly is a micro-hotel concept by hours. Inspired by the nature of a womb, this space aims to transmit a feeling of protection in contrast to the movement and agitation of the outside world – a world of four dimensions, static but equally dynamic […]


QuickBlock: Retrostective Paul Rand

For Paul Rand’s posthumous induction into The One Club Hall of Fame Imaginary Forces created this short film, combining original animation with a videotaped interview of Rand himself, that encapsulated his unique and timeless contribution to the design community. Paul Rand Retrospective from Jeremy Cox on Vimeo. “Para The One Club Hall of Fame, Imaginary […]


QuickBlock: Tres bibliotecas – three libraries

Esta es una pequeña elección temática de librerías. / / Only three examples of very specific design libraries. / / Solo tres ejemplos de diseños de bibliotecas muy particulares. 01. David García davidgarciastudio.blogspot.com 02. Extended Cab http://www.krizlifestyle.nl/ 03. Manuel Welsky http://www.welsky.net/


Originalidad tras la puerta

“Pink flowers room spray” super interesantes propuesta publicitaria que conbina la creatividad expresiva con una referencia a antiguas técnicas. La marca Ambi Pur hizo una gran campaña en los baños para su “Pink flowers room spray”. Todo es obra de Jacques Pense y Michael Ohanian para Sara Lee Household & Body Care Germany. Vía:  elchiltepe.com