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Drawign Apparatus by Robert Howsare

This device has fascinated me, it reminds me of drawing patterns performed as a child. Besides that I love the use given to the player

Este artefacto me ha fascinado, me recuerda a unos patrones de dibujo que realizaba cuando era niño. Por no decir que me encanta el uso que le dan a los tocadiscos 🙂

” Design is a task that takes place surrounded by many other factors. In most cases the designer tries to take care of every detail so nothing can spoil the final result. On this basis, Robert Howsare plays with the arbitrary factor to create an exquisite collection of posters. As a tool; Drawing apparatus: The system is simple as well as effective. Consists of two articulated wooden arms, which are connected to a disk player. Thereby, the rotation leads the arm with a marker to different drawing patterns. Changing variables as the length of the arm or the disk’s speed create different shapes. Pure lines full of interesting styling.

At The Method Case we specially like Robert’s point of view. He does not just see it as a way of creating unique drawings.  For Robert, the revolution of the records creates drawings that serve as a marker of temporality.  The drawings also speak to the idea of the editionable print through their ability to be replicated using domestic materials. Maybe not revolutionary but authentic design process. We wish you like it. Enjoy! ”

Robert Howsare

Site: themethodcase

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Baby play guitar for game promo

This is a promo for a video game with a real star on guitar

Increíble comercial para un video juego con un gran baby rocker!


Mind your steps

Mind your step is a street illusion in Stockholm at Sergels torg created by Erik Johansson.

Mind your step es una intervensión urbana en Estocolmo creada por Erik Johansson que consiste simplemente en un efecto óptico en una plaza pública diseñada para un punto de vista específico. Se consigue un gran efecto, aunque tengo mis dudas acerca de si vale la pena tanto despliegue para conseguir una única visual.

¿El resto de las miradas hacia la plaza no importan?

Bueno pero en todo caso el efecto que se consigue es excelente


Discusión en buenos términos

Finally I poid attend an interesting discussion!

These twin baby boys have a conversation.

Finalmente he poidido asistir a una discusión interesante !


Tren de mercado en Bankok

Este es uno de los videos mas reveladores que he visto.

Me recuerda a ciertas situaciones que se dan aquí en Uruguay con respecto a la ocupación del espacio público o reservado a otras actividades, aunque claro, nunca me hubiese imaginado nada como esto.


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Intel Core i5 commercial

Chase is the last spot of the giant Intel made by the agency Venables Bell & Partners to show what you can do with the new Intel Core i5.

Chase es el último spot del gigante Intel hecha por la agencia Venables Bell & Partners para mostrar todo lo que puede hacer con los nuevos Intel Core i5.

The Commercial Mashed with Inception

Excelente publicidad para LG

“Awesome commercial of a vacuum cleaner, the LG Kompressor Elite.”

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