Famous Steel Structures


Famous Steel Structures

By Lyle Charles

When it comes to steel, you may think of cold hard metal. It’s straight, connects at right angles and doesn’t come across as having a whole lot of personality. However, if that’s what you imagine, you’ve been woefully misinformed about what this beautiful metal can do. The truth is that metal structures have long stolen the show, if you know where to look.

Take the Walt Disney Concert Hall in Los Angeles, for example. The building resembles sheet music blowing in the wind or perhaps riding the rhythmic music around it.

Another example would be the famous Gateway Arch in St. Louis. Everyone is familiar with this large steel structure. It’s a symbol synonymous with the city. From the distance, it almost looks like a silver horizon thanks to its steel luster.

The oldest suspense bridge in all of the United States has steel to thank for standing this long. The Brooklyn Bridge in New York is another steel structure that has enjoyed a reputation and brought plenty of people to its city.

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