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Risks When Dealing with Personnel on a Construction Site


Personnel are one of the most valuable resources on a construction site, but they present some of the highest risks as well. Construction turnaround services struggle with meeting the challenges of a site, with personnel that can work safely and reliably. The trouble is that so much is unknown. Risk factors can be mitigated, but accidents still occur. Here are some ideas on how you can reduce risk significantly for employees on your construction site.


Workers want overtime because it’s good money, but there is a limit to what someone can accomplish safely. Good project managers know how to dispense overtime responsibly. Check with your state’s overtime laws to see how many consecutive hours are legally considered safe to work, and be diligent about staffing with replacements if your workers begin to show fatigue.

Safety First

It’s important to encourage proper safety around the job site, and to have management who is willing to inspect worker behavior. Set rules and be firm about infractions. Injury complaints, especially those that could have been avoided, take away from productivity which results in losses for the company. Safety should always be a top concern on the job site.


A well-staffed site is your best shot at fighting risks that arise on the construction site. Personnel can be an expensive resource, so budget well and plan for crunch times when you need to meet deadlines. Project management skills are a great asset, but don’t be afraid to hire a consultant to help review your work. It may be cheaper than costly litigation down the road.


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