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Door Accents for Your Home

In feng shui, the front door is one of the most important elements of a home. The door must be strong and sturdy, yet remain aesthetically pleasing. This same principle of design goes into making an attractive home with curbside appeal. You don’t want mis-matched colors, rusted door knobs and peeling paint to detract from your investment. Here are some accents to liven up your doorway and add more life to your home.

Most doors, especially wooden ones, either come with glass fitted into the door or you can add-on a glass accent as you want. It’s insulated, so there is a small reduction in the amount of heat that the door lets into the home. This also keeps your home energy efficient, reducing the costs to run your air conditioning or heating.

You may have seen colored decals, or frosted glass as well. These accents are ones you can usually apply yourself, but you can always place a custom order for a particular design that you find appealing.

Glass also comes in one of two forms. As a large lite, you can expect a single pane of glass to let in lots of unobstructed lighting. Windows can also be separated, usually by metal frames, into several smaller lites. Old-fashioned doors used to do this pane by pane, but today’s doors use a single pane, and then apply the divides to the glass for the desired effect.

You can also purchase transoms, which are available in shapes like an arch or an ellipse. These small changes add a lot of character to your entryway and make your door a lot more presentable to guests.

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