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Learn Why More Americans are Choosing a Smarter Garage Door

There’ve been a lot of improvements to garage doors over the years, but one of the best is that of the automatic opening system. One of the finest examples of the modern home used to be the touch-activated garage door. One button press provided access to the home, with a remote unit kept in the car. Today, we’ve gone leaps and bounds further than that. Learn more about why so many American families are transitioning away from the old-school manual doors of yesteryear.

Automated Doors Add Convenience

On a practical level, automatic garage doors are a must for anyone with elderly or disabled members of the family living at home. They may not be capable of opening a manual door themselves. An automatic system allows for anyone to make use of the garage without the need to rely on others to open the door for them.

Smarter doors can take even more of the complication out of gaining access to the home. Doors can be programmed to open when you are within a certain proximity to your home. They can close themselves after your forgetful uncle returns from his trip to the supermarket.

Most automated doors open faster and quieter than their older cousins. Considering that the Garage door is the largest moving part in your home, it’s important that it do its job reliably and safely. Newer doors are built with durability and value in mind.

Secure Access Point

Nowadays, you can even opt to purchase garage door service from Atlanta, GA that comes with its own security system to detect if someone is attempting to open it without the remote, or that simply bolt themselves shut after they have been closed. This is much more secure than a padlock on a manual door, which could be easily cut with a pair of bolt cutters.

Installation and Pricing

The price on automatic systems is also rather affordable. Assuming the door you already have in place is compatible with an automatic opening system, installation tends to cost the typical family less than $500.

While you have a professional out, weigh the costs of potential repeat visits for garage door repair in McDonough, GA compared to replacing your old fixture. If you’ve had more than two service appointments in the past five years, it might be time for a replacement.

Most professionals can provide an estimate on your automatic garage door installation in Atlanta, and you might find companies more than willing to work with you on pricing or payment plans.
Superior Garage Doors services the Alanta, Georgia region, fixing everything from dents to entire installations at affordable rates.

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