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Construction Claims are a Part of Modern Day Construction


Written by: Lyle Charles

Summary: What are the pitfalls associated with construction claims?

Construction claims can have a negative, combative sound to them, but in some cases they are a positive step and help streamline the completion of a building project.

Well-managed claims can help all parties involved solve their differences, get paid and move ahead.

Basically, most construction claim management boils down into these three main groups or categories: Changes in scope of work, Differing site conditions and Time-related problems like delays and disruption.

Of course, these three categories of claims can overlap. But, the bottom line is: who you hire to manage these claims and how well they manage them makes a big difference in the success of a project. Look for far-reaching experience in construction advisory services and claims analysis. Especially when it comes to full scale projects such as arenas or skyscrapers. Professionals experienced in building codes and structural steel are especially valuable when there is a question of materials used.

When a lawyer or legal team or mediator effectively manages a claim well, it eases the burden on the contractor, subcontractor and owner. Claims managers also help prepare evidence for your side of the story, organizing your files and work orders to help defend your business interests.

An experienced legal team is your front line in construction disputes and their job is

to use their combined skill, experience and teamwork to protect you. If you manage these claims on your own, you have to sacrifice manpower and time, two of a construction firm’s most important assets.


Bio: Lyle Charles Consulting offers advisory services and claims management, with a specialty in commercial construction projects.

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