Using Air Tools Around the House


Using Air Tools Around the House

Written by Toolsmith Direct


A common misconception is that air tools are designed for heavy, industrial use while electric tools are designed for lighter, home use. Air tools are however well suited for the domestic use. Nowadays, we have a wide variety of air tools that are designed for home use.

The Difference

Air tools use, as the name suggests, compressed air. This is a separate unit that is plugged to the tool. On the other side, electric tools use an integrated electric motor which is driven by electricity. There are several advantages to using air tools.


Since air tools do not require an embedded motor, they are often lighter and easier to operate. They are often smaller, and require less space to store. No homeowner likes the noise that a lot of electric tools make. One advantage of air tools is that it can be coupled with a long enough air hose, so that the compressor can be placed further away.


Air tools are often cheaper since they do not have the cost of an embedded electric motor. However, there is the need for an air compressor. But it’s price is quickly offset by the other cheaper air tools.


Air tools, means having one compressor instead of having a multitude of electric tools, each with their own motors. This is ideal for maintenance, but also very practical. Having an air compressor allows you to use the same tool to inflate tyres, spray paint a wall or build a deck.

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