Three ways to make outdoor cushion inserts

Three ways to make outdoor cushion inserts

Summary: Cushions can add personality and style to any space, outdoor or indoors. There are three approaches to making your cushion inserts: fill it with plastic bags, cover an indoor insert, and buy a weatherproof insert.

Whenever you need to add some color and personality to a room in the house, all you need is to add some cushions or pillows. A proper set of cushions will uplift any part of the house, and they go very well with outdoor spaces. Often, people are hesitant to put cushions outside because they are not sure of exposure to bad weather. Here are three ways to make weatherproof outdoor cushions, all you will need is a cushion cover:

Method one – plastic bags

A cheap and easy method is to use plastic bags you have lying around as stuffing for a waterproof cushion cover. The advantage of this method is that you will probably have everything you need for this in the house and it is the cheapest of the three methods.

Method two – indoor insert

A lot of people will not like the feel of the cushion full of plastic bags. Another approach is to take an existing indoor cushion insert and place it inside a waterproof cover. At home, all you will need is a garbage bag or tall kitchen bags. Place the insert inside and seal it.

Method three – waterproof insert

The best method is to purchase a waterproof cushion insert. This will be the most comfortable and durable option, although it will involve buying an insert.

Written by The Foam Factory. Replace the foam in your sofa cushions with foam cut to your specifications from The Foam Factory.