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The Pros of Choosing Mahogany for Your Next Front Door

The-Pros-of-Choosing-Mahogany-for-Your-Next-Front-DoorWritten by: ETO Doors

If you want a grand and elegant entrance to your home, mahogany entry doors quite possibly could be the perfect choice for you. The allure of mahogany has grown over the past centuries due to its’ rich and deep color scheme when applied to furniture.

Mahogany varies in color. Everything from yellowish to salmon-colored, you can mahogany exterior doors in just about any color pattern. A lavishly styled door style, your guests will love the small details on the design patterns. With a fine, medium texture and uniform interlocking grains, each mahogany door showcases an exceptional work of art.

One of the best things about mahogany is that it polishes to a high degree, making it look even more extravagant when displayed after cleaning. While mahogany is used a lot in furnishings like cabinets, tables, and chairs, they’ve also gained ground in the door industry as well. It’s well-known to be a premiere choice of wood for a front door and all of the characteristics that you want for a grand entryway, you’ll be able to find with mahogany.

Some of the benefits of owning a mahogany exterior door are that they are resistant to rot and decay. They’re long lasting, meaning that with little upkeep, your mahogany door will still shine brightly, even through the harsh weather patterns. It is recommended that you do care for your mahogany doors as they are a worthwhile investment.

A mahogany door will give your home a glorious and strong personality to it. Complimentary to almost any architectural style, these doors are made to last and also look good while doing it.

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