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How Doors and Feng Shui Relate

The ancient practice of feng shui originated in China. Feng shui helps people arrange living or work places to attract more health, love, and success. Since this practice considers the direction, size, or color of the front door of the home or building an important factor in attracting good energies, it’s important to find the favorable position first. When properly positioned, the front door allows good energies to enter and prevents negative energies from touching the individuals inside the space. Start by identifying the proper feng shui direction of the front door in order to increase and attract positive energies.

Measure Door Direction

Use a compass to find the feng shui direction. This information is used to properly plan the flow of the home. Hold the compass in the palm and walk towards the front door. Perform this on the door used most often to enter or exit the home, even if this is a side door.

Open the door and stand in front. Your back should face the inner space of the home and your face should look at the street or at the lawn. The compass shows the direction of the front door.

Attract good energies

Feng shui believers say that use of color, cleanliness, clutter avoidance, and decoration can improve the energies entering and staying in the home. For instance, a dirty or cluttered home is likely to attract negative energies. Cleaning, coloring, and decorating are said to improve the actual qualities of light and air within the space.


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