Tag: Industrial Design


Sparrow Key Ring with Birdhouse

“All you have to do is remember to do what sparrows do and go to your house whenever you’re in the area. You can’t do that? Are you a birdbrain or what? Sorry. From a website: Let the little sparrow be your best friend. He will be everywhere with you. He can whistle to make […]


Dinosaurs in a Bottle

Akinobu makes architectural models for a living in Tokyo, but in his spare time he creates all matter of small objects in bottles. These pinky sized dinosaur skeletons are especially awesome Vía: thisiscolossal.com


Ie Tag Sticky Notes by Naruse-Inokuma

“Ie-Tag Sticky Notes designed by Naruse-Inokuma Architects, made from recycled wood recycled wood from homes and buildings that were torn down. It sharped like tiny little houses. The pointed roof design also turns every sticky note into an arrow for pointing out something specific on a page, and as demonstrated above, they just look more […]


Spout TPot from Paigerussell

This Spout TPot from paigerussell, is simple and beautiful! “When the tallest member of the Spout Collective gets together with a super soft recycled wool sweater cozy… hot things can happen! ” Vía: likecool.com


Calculator Design by Alexander Hulme

Calculator Design by Alexander Hulme. Este en un bonito diseño de Alexander Hulme para un artículo al que todos tenemos presente pero al cual el diseño industrial a dejado de lado históricamente. CALCULATOR Alexander Hulme has designed a pocket calculator with a cut-and-paste style memory. Inspired by people scribbling numbers on scraps of paper, it […]