Make the Switch to Moisture-Friendly Foam

Written by: The Foam Factory Summary: If you want a long term solution for your boat cushions, be sure that you stick to open cell foam. Your boat cushions are continuously exposed to the salt water, rain, and sun almost on a daily basis. Therefore, in order to keep them looking spry and in good […]

What to Keep in Mind for Construction Delay Claims

Small and insignificant delays can affect an entire project at a larger magnitude than you might believe. Although their insignificance can be ruled out at first, the ultimate cost to the project can be severe with consequential damages. Establishing a Claim In order to build up a case for your claim, you’ll need more than […]


Common Items that Home Inspectors Typically Miss

Finding the home of your dreams can turn into a nightmare quickly if the home inspector that you hired failed to find flaws in the building. Remember, a home inspection is your last line of defense before you go about your daily routine inside your new home. It’s imperative that you double-check these items that […]


The Pros of Choosing Mahogany for Your Next Front Door

Written by: ETO Doors If you want a grand and elegant entrance to your home, mahogany entry doors quite possibly could be the perfect choice for you. The allure of mahogany has grown over the past centuries due to its’ rich and deep color scheme when applied to furniture. Mahogany varies in color. Everything from […]


Redecorating Your Home Affordably

By Wicker Paradise At some point or another, almost everyone wants to give their home a new look. It doesn’t say anything about its current style—though fashions can become outdated surprisingly quickly—it just means that sometimes you’re in the mood for a change. Unfortunately, you can’t really indulge these urges because redecorating generally costs an […]