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Interior Design Trends for 2017

The interior style of your home should be contemporary to ensure that it has plenty of appeals, says Dev Randhawa. When you want to transform the setting, there are a few interior design trends in 2017 to incorporate.

Matte Appliances

Although stainless steel appliances were a hit in recent years, more people are turning to matte appliances to enhance their kitchen. The finish creates a sleek design that looks high-end and doesn’t show spots or fingerprints easily.


Marble is a popular material to add to your home due to its luxe and regal appearance. Marble countertops are a must-have when you want to makeover your kitchen or bathroom. It looks modern when paired with wood or gold fixtures for the proper balance. If you’re on a budget, consider adding a marble clock or a marble coffee table instead of using it on larger spaces.

Subway Tiles

Subway tiles are increasing in popularity for their sleek and urban design. You can install them on the backsplash of your kitchen or in a shower in a bathroom to create a light and airy effect in each room. The subway tiles will pair well with other color shades and will allow the space to appear larger.

Velvet Furniture

Velvet furniture is cozy when you want to incorporate extra warmth into the home with a material that is luxurious. Choose to use it on an accent chair or the sofa to make it the focal point of the setting.

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