A Simple Home Renovation


A Simple Home Renovation

Written By EZ Floor Heat

Everyone has a long list of ways they’d like to improve their home. Usually there’s some guideline: as soon as they have enough money, as soon as their kid is older, the time is right, etc. But there are some simple renovations you can do that will immediately make your home a more enjoyable place to live.

The best example is installing under floor heating. That’s right. There’s such thing as floor heating and you can now install it on your own.

The idea behind (or should I say under?) floor heating is quite simple. Hydronic heating below your floors warms the surface which you then get to enjoy each time you take another step.

However, until recently, this was something only the very wealthy could enjoy. Fortunately, now that you can install it on your own, all you need to do is make it your next project and a priority at that.

This whole story gets better though, because now you can install floor heating beneath your tiles. So for most of us that means your bathrooms can now have heated floors too. Imagine never having to get out of your shower again and shivering because the fold floor is just too much. You’ll be taking every step from now on with confidence!

EZ Floor Heat provides Electric Radiant Floor Heating that people can install on their own. The result is a much more comfortable house in the winter thanks to a Floor Heating System and a smaller budget for the process.