Gothic Architecture in France


Gothic Architecture in France

By French Experience

No matter when you plan on paying a visit to France, there are always a few things you can expect. Almost all France vacations involve pleasant weather, amazing food and wine and beautiful architecture that’s hundreds of years old.

Most of the historic architecture in France is considered Gothic. It originated at around 1140 and remained prevalent in France until roughly 1500. The most popular example of this architecture may be the Notre-Dame de Chartres, but there are countless other structures throughout France that show off one of the four different Gothic styles. These include early Gothic, high Gothic, Rayonnant and Late Gothic.

Aside from Notre-Dame, you can visit the Palaise des Papes and the Conciergerie for other sites that are built in the Gothic style.

The style has a number of notable features. One is that it has very dynamic lines that often taper into peaks pointing toward the sky. Most buildings have a number of such points. Archways are also an important and prevalent feature too. Many buildings feature arches within arches within arches. You’ll also notice stained-glass windows all throughout the cathedrals.

So during your trip to France, make sure you take in some beautiful gothic architecture.


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