Romantic Walks in Rome


Romantic Walks in Rome

Written by Italia Tours

What better place to spend your Italy honeymoon than within the Eternal City? There are several romantic places that you include in your Italia tours in Rome. You can walk with your love one on cobblestone streets and bask in balmy nights at quaint bistros along piazzas. You can also watch sunsets on terraces of old buildings and rooftop lounges.

Night View of St. Peter’s Basilica

St. Peter’s Square and Basilica is one of the favorite destinations in Rome tours. Little known to daytime tourists, you can go back at the piazza at night and see a whole different world. In fact, Rome looks entirely different at night. Minus the crowd, you can enjoy romantic walks by the angels bridge or Ponte Sant’Angleo. You can also stroll around several huge piazzas along St. Peter’s Basilica and Bernini fountain.

Gianicolo Hill

Here’s one secret among locals that you can include among your Rome excursions. The Gianicolo Hills holds the best panoramic views of the city and the Tiber River. Whether it’s your first night or the hundredth night in Rome, the views are just spectacular. There are also several interesting stops that you can make along the way, including the sculpture of Anita Garibaldi, and views of the Pantheon Dome.

Bridge of Ponte Milvio

The bridge of Ponte Milvio is famous not just because of the history behind it. A couple years back, it became tradition for lovers to put padlocks on the bridge as an expression of their love. However, due to the heavy weight of thousands of padlocks, they had to be removed in 2012. Even without the padlock tradition, a stroll as dusk or sunset at Ponte Milvio is nothing short of romantic and magical.

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