Top Tips on Cleaning Your Outdoor Deck or Patio

Top Tips on Cleaning Your Outdoor Deck or Patio

Summary: A dirty patio or deck can ruin any outing that you’re planning in your backyard.

Summer is right around the corner and nothing beats kicking up your feet and relaxing in your patio. But, if your deck hasn’t been cleaned in a long time, this notion goes right out the window. Here are some methods you can adopt to help clean an old patio just in time for the season.


You’ll want to start by clearing everything, whether it’s your old outdoor furniture cushions or furniture you consider trash. This includes every piece that’s currently sitting on your deck. Also, if you’re having trouble figuring out what to part with, ask yourself if any of those items can go somewhere else. This way, you’ll be able to separate what you want and don’t want.


The next step is the fun part. Now’s the time to get down and dirty. Take every item that’s still in good condition and prepare them for the deep scrub. Be sure to follow specific care instructions if they are still attached to any piece that you have. Then, spot-treat dirty areas or stains by mixing light dish soap and warm water in a spray bottle. You’ll want to have an upholstery brush handy in case you run into some areas where dirt and other nasty stains are rearing their ugly heads.

The Foam Factory, a specialty foam supplier, recommends using a gentle solution on your cushions, especially if you’re looking to do a deep cleanse. This way, you won’t stain them even further or cause more distress.