The unique design of custom foam boat mattresses

The unique design of custom foam boat mattresses

Blog by The Foam Factory

One of the most difficult, but essential parts of boating is getting the right amount of sleep to keep your brain functioning at a high level while navigating the seas. However, one of the biggest obstacles to a good night’s sleep at sea is often the mattress travelers keep in their watercraft. Most boats come with a bare minimum volume of cushioning with thin rubber being laid over a wooden frame. For many, this won’t be enough cushioning for comfort and they’ll need to invest in a boat mattress replacement.

Luckily, custom foam boat mattresses are designed to address many of the difficulties people have while sleeping in boats. Foam is both soft and sturdy and it is flexible enough to conform to your shape. This means it will not push against your spine or skeletal structure.

Foam also does a good job of reducing motion transfer from the boat. Mattress experts describe motion transfer as when a mattress spreads movement throughout its frame whenever there is a shift on any part of the mattress. Mattresses with high motion transfer are not ideal for boats, as they will be constantly shifting due to the waves rocking the boat. Foam has energy-absorbing properties, which allows it to localize or absorb movement well, making it ideal for boat mattresses.

It can also be tricky getting your custom mattress to fit in the enclosed spaces of your boat. Foam mattresses are highly customizable and can be cut into any size and shape you need to make sure they fit. Companies like The Foam Factory can help you make the perfect cut for your foam mattress based on your exact measurements and specifications. If you’re looking for a new boat mattress, be sure to contact them for details.