Guide for cleaning cushions

Guide for cleaning cushions

Written by The Foam Factory

A good looking is more than just about the right lighting, colors, cushions and furniture. It is about upkeep. Anything that is maintained properly lasts longer and looks better. This applies to all elements of your home, from the patio cushion to your couch. Here is a quick guide on cleaning your cushions:

Beat it

Use the stick from a broom or a paddle and regularly beat the dust out of the cushions. For cushions attached to foam, take the whole piece outside and beat it. Be careful with older fabric, as they are likely to be fragile and prone to tearing. Wear a dust mask to prevent inhalation.


Use a vacuum with a soft brush attachment for delicate old fabric that you cannot beat for fear of damage. This is the safest way to keep them clean safely. You can also clean the inner foam at the same time unless they require a foam replacement due to age.


Keep cushions in the sun now and then to remove moisture and kill any bacteria or mold. Avoid keeping cushions in the sun in general, as the prolonged sun exposure will weaken the fibers and fade colors. As long as you keep them in the sun to dry them out, there should be no problems.

These tips, done regularly, will keep your cushions looking better for longer. Every year or so, give them a deep clean with appropriate cleaning products.


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