Mailbox basics: buying a mailbox for your home

Mailbox basics: buying a mailbox for your home

Article by Kirby Design

Mailboxes evoke a great sense of tradition and security. Your residential mailbox can provide an excellent first impression of not only your home but also of your neighborhood. Residential mailboxes are categorized by the way the mailboxes are mounted, whether you need a classic or contemporary mailbox with the post, a wall mount mailbox, or a large column mount residential mailbox. There are some key factors that need to be considered before buying a residential mailbox. These factors are as follows:


They are available along with several unique features such as mailbox address panels, locking residential mailboxes or locking mailbox inserts.


Residential mailboxes are also available in several styles and finishes that complement your home. They range from unique novelty mailboxes or a classic Victorian mailbox finish to the sleek lines of modern stainless-steel mailboxes.


Mailbox accessories are just as important as the mailbox itself. It will look quite unappealing if you purchase a stunning residential mailbox and then place it on an old mailbox post. You can choose an appropriate mailbox post, newspaper holder, post finial, post cuff or other similar mailbox accessories. Mailbox accessories help you ensure that you create a consistent look for the entire mailbox assembly.

There are many different designs and styles of mailboxes available in the market that provide everyone with a mailbox that suits their respective style while offering unmatched security and convenience at the same time.