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How Doors and Feng Shui Relate

The ancient practice of feng shui originated in China. Feng shui helps people arrange living or work places to attract more health, love, and success. Since this practice considers the direction, size, or color of the front door of the home or building an important factor in attracting good energies, it’s important to find the […]


Door Accents for Your Home

In feng shui, the front door is one of the most important elements of a home. The door must be strong and sturdy, yet remain aesthetically pleasing. This same principle of design goes into making an attractive home with curbside appeal. You don’t want mis-matched colors, rusted door knobs and peeling paint to detract from […]


Before You Replace that Furnace

When fall dies down and it becomes clear there’s nowhere to run from winter, most of us begin curtailing plans that force us outdoors. There’s nothing like staying inside where it’s nice and safe from the elements. Thanks to modern furnaces, the indoors always stays nice and warm too. Unfortunately, winter is often when many […]


Cleaning Up the Air

Your home is your sanctuary, and clean it should stay. However, every minute, millions and millions of microscopic intruders enter your fortress of solitude and serenity, polluting not just the air, but leaving their annoying, and equally dusty, traces all over your living area. Put a stop to it today with the help of an […]


How Clean Is The Air You Breathe Inside Your Home?

To keep the air you breathe inside your home healthy you need to properly maintain insulation as well as your air filter, particularly the furnace filter. For popular brands, a replacement Honeywell air filter should be done at least once a month. A high quality furnace filter could keep 98% of harmful airborne molecules away […]