Before You Replace that Furnace


Before You Replace that Furnace

When fall dies down and it becomes clear there’s nowhere to run from winter, most of us begin curtailing plans that force us outdoors. There’s nothing like staying inside where it’s nice and safe from the elements. Thanks to modern furnaces, the indoors always stays nice and warm too.

Unfortunately, winter is often when many of us find out that our furnace isn’t working like it should. It’s natural to want to handle this problem as soon as possible, but don’t go jumping to replace yours. A replacement furnace is no small investment, after all, and there’s still plenty you can do.

Often times all you need are air conditioner filters to heal what’s ailing your system. Many people don’t realize that their furnace works by sucking in air that it first warms before spreading throughout the home in its air ducts. As there’s no guarantee that air is clean, your furnace can easily be spreading dust and debris.

However, your furnace can also be getting clogged because of these pollutants. This could be the reason your system has stopped working.

A replacement furnace filter is a simple, affordable way to fix your system. It works just like air conditioner filters and is easy to install.


Article submitted by Your Filter Connection.  The company sells all kinds of filters for your furnace, so you get high quality air pumping out of your ducts. Just two examples of the brands they sell are 3M and Honeywell furnace filter options.