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A Brief History of Doors

The earliest recorded usage of doors dates back to ancient Egypt. Pharoahs had doors erected in their tombs in the style of both double and single doors. The climate there was dry, so the Egyptians most likely never felt the need to frame their doors like most of America does. The wood would have stayed […]


How to Maintain Storm Doors

By ETO Doors Storm doors are an important part of the home that protect the interior. Storm doors serve two functions: to protect the home from the elements with glass panels, and to provide some ventilation through screen panels. Inspect the Safety Spring The safety spring hands over the door, and it prevents someone from […]


A Simple Home Renovation

Written By EZ Floor Heat Everyone has a long list of ways they’d like to improve their home. Usually there’s some guideline: as soon as they have enough money, as soon as their kid is older, the time is right, etc. But there are some simple renovations you can do that will immediately make your […]


5 Ideas for Home Improvement in Chicago

Chicago has the third largest population in the continental US, and it’s one of the most heavily trafficked cities in the world. The city is highly desirable to live in, and new real estate is expensive. Jobs range from banking to retail management, where the city houses some of the biggest names in both industries. […]

Consider a New Look for Your Floors

Article written by : Your Home Improvement Floors are an important part of any home as they literally appear in every room you visit. That being said, there doesn’t seem to be many options when it comes to flooring choices. But that’s only if you don’t know about bamboo flooring. While this option is certainly […]


Have an Easier Winter with Floor Heating

Winter is never easy one anyone. Even people who like winter so they can go skiing or take the snowmobile out eventually face the challenges that come from winter’s presence. The big challenges like digging your car out or just getting it started or even the dangers that await you on the highway are all […]


The Many Options of Floor Medallions

When it comes to beautifying your house, the sky’s the limit. At least, most people seem to think your options stop at the ceiling. People get new furniture, paint walls and even change light fixtures. But when it comes to making their floor the subject of admiration, most people seem to think they lack options. […]