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Bad Table by Judson Beaumont

The design for design or simply a joke? In any case the design of this table of living room  is quite fun and interesting. El diseño por el diseño mismo o simplemente una broma ? En cualquier caso el diseño de esta mesa de living es bastante divertida e interesante. Judson Beaumont | Website Vía:


Pig Buddies

Another funny design for USB ports. It made me laugh designed by weplaygod. Otro gracioso diseño para puertos USB. Me ha hecho reir Vía


Sparrow Key Ring with Birdhouse

“All you have to do is remember to do what sparrows do and go to your house whenever you’re in the area. You can’t do that? Are you a birdbrain or what? Sorry. From a website: Let the little sparrow be your best friend. He will be everywhere with you. He can whistle to make […]


Dinosaurs in a Bottle

Akinobu makes architectural models for a living in Tokyo, but in his spare time he creates all matter of small objects in bottles. These pinky sized dinosaur skeletons are especially awesome Vía:


Coloring the wall with Amirko

Amirkhan Abdurakhmanov (better known as Amirko) has come up with this simple but dynamic wall decor idea for transforming an ordinary surface into a do-it-yourself design canvas that lets you set the tone (or tones) depending on your mood. Vía: El mismo muro para una casi interminable combinación de diseños. Genial invento para un […]


Una biblioteca para leer

Read your book case “Designed by Eva Alessandrini and Roberto Saporiti for the Italian furniture design firm Saporiti.” Interesante bilbioteca que conforma un texto en sí misma. El criterio es muy divertido y ya ha sido tomado por otros diseñadores, sin embargo no carece de originalidad y es una forma novedosa de organizar nuestros libros. […]