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Why Wood Front Doors are the Next Revolution in Home Design

Written by: ETO Doors

Exterior doors are usually one of the first things a person notices about a home when they arrive. If the door is old and splintered, or the paint is faded, it puts a damper on first impressions. Even if you’re not trying to sell your home, keeping it in top shape will keep the value high and give you a sense of personal pride.

Wooden front doors really are the ultimate upgrade for more than a few reasons. Wood doors can be cut with intricate designs, so you can custom-cut emblems or intricate ivy embossing, or go with angular cuts and a more conventional feel.

Wooden doors also have the added benefit of offering some insulation for the front of your home. With adequate weather stripping, wood doors will do a great job of keeping warmth inside the home during winter and preventing cold air from slipping out during summer.

The con is that a wood door will require some maintenance from time to time that a fiberglass or aluminum door won’t. One must pay at least a small price for something so beautiful looking, but the end result is definitely worth it. In most climates that don’t see extreme weather, a coat of weather protector along with your stain will suffice. In extreme climates, it may be best to forego wood altogether. Still, unless you’re seeing both extreme high temperatures and sub-zero temperatures with raging blizzards, most people will be able to mount a wood front door on their home without too much hassle.

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