Wicker Improves Every Home

By Wicker Paradise No matter what kind of home you have, what state it’s in or how much you spend on it, chances are that you have thought about how you could improve it. Just about every homeowner has done the same thing, even if they have already spent money on trying to make theirs […]

Alternative Real Estate Investments

Investing in real estate can lead to lucrative amounts of money for retirees. It can be time-consuming though, which is a reason why many people search for alternative investment strategies. Here is a list of other opportunities that you can take advantage of. ETF If you fear the stock market because of its unpredictability, you […]

2015 Trend Watch: (In)Organic is In (and Out)

Keeping up-to-date on interior design trends is an exciting challenge for any décor enthusiast. In 2015, expect the unexpected, especially when it comes to old favorites that have seen very little change such as countertops and doors. The granite countertop has passed the point of ubiquity, but heavy natural wood countertops and backsplashes with organic, […]


Planning for a Refinery Turnaround

A turnaround project is planned for months, sometimes years in advance. Refineries occasionally need to shut down in order to perform routine maintenance. It’s more cost effective in some cases to conduct this maintenance at once. In other situations, it would be impossible for the plant to function if even a small portion of it […]


How To Select Great Outdoor Furniture

Written by Wicker Paradise Outdoor furniture add comfort and function to gardens and patios. These furniture pieces transform basic spaces into comfortable and posh lounges. Outfitting a porch with an outdoor wicker sofa will turn the space into a family place during warmer days. The tips below might come handy when it comes to choosing […]