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Using Glass to Enhance the Beauty of Your Exterior Doors












Written by ETO Doors.

A front door is the entry point to your home and the first thing that many people will see from the outside. You want people to notice your front door and be immediately enchanted by its beauty and charm. One way you can enhance the great looks of your front door is the thoughtful use of glass element. Whether it is windows in the doors or transoms and sidelights surrounding the door, glass can bring a light and airy feeling to the outside and inside of your entry door.

Having a front door with windows is a great source of natural light inside of your home along with giving you a view to look outside. You may want to choose a glass that is tinted or frosted to protect your privacy. Glass windows in front doors are also a great decorative feature to enhance the looks of a front door. This can include small cutout windows on a contemporary front door or large stained glass for a more baroque type of door.

The areas around your front door are also prime real estate for the use of glass. You can install transoms (windows directly over the door) or sidelights (windows at either side of the door) to bring in more light to your home along with creating a new architectural element. Sidelights and transoms are easy to install and can be put in at the same time as a new door or as an upgrade to an existing door to give it a fresh look.

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