Maintaining Your Bamboo Floors


Maintaining Your Bamboo Floors

Article written by Bamboo Flooring Facts

                As with other kinds of wooden floors, bamboo flooring requires maintenance and contrary to popular belief bamboo flooring maintenance starts even before its installation. When you bamboo flooring reaches your home, it is important that you open up its box and allow it to acclimate. Opening the box and allowing the flooring pieces to adjust to the humidity in the room will make sure that unwanted shrinking or expanding will not happen. It is important to follow the manufacturer’s instructions as you install your bamboo flooring. Remember to remove excess glue as you go along as removing it once it is dry may prove to be difficult.

                A bulk of the maintenance of bamboo flooring happens, obviously, after it is installed. It is important that you constantly sweep, dust, and mop your bamboo floors. Dust build up is the quickest way to ruin the finish of your bamboo flooring. It is also important that you place walk off mats in front of entrances and exits to remove any small pebbles stunk beneath shoes that can scratch the bamboo. He mindful, as well, with the furniture that is placed on top of bamboo flooring. Place felt gliders pads under the feet of furniture such as chairs, sofas, and tables.

                A general tip when it comes the bamboo flooring is to make sure that the flooring you buy is of top-quality. Only buy from trusted bamboo flooring suppliers and manufacturers especially when buying discount bamboo flooring.

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