Four styles of sofas explained

Four styles of sofas explained

17Written by The Foam Factory

Sofas are a great way to add comfortable seating to your living room, patio or bedroom. Although most people may think that there are very few styles of sofas, a quick visit to a furniture store will indicate that there is a long list of designs. Here are a few of the most common sofas explained.

Sectional sofas – These are multi-piece sofas that often come in pieces of 3 or 5. Most of these sofas can be arranged in a number of configurations. These sofas will come with fixtures that will help to easily connect to keep them from separating. The most common configurations are L or U-shaped. Add cushions and invest in replacement cushions if a large family uses your sectional.

Chesterfield – These sofas are quilted or tufted mostly on the back and the arms. The furnishings on these sofas can only be replaced professionally and therefore are mostly made of leather or a synthetic fabric.

Lawson-style sofa – This style of sofa is very popular and comfortable as it has separate pillows apart from those on the frame. It is suitable for a busy family as the couch cushions can be removed and cleaned at home.

Mid-century modern – These sofas were popular in the 1940s-1970s and have made a recent comeback. They now come in minimalistic designs with clean lines. These sofas are more suited for living rooms that are used for entertaining guests and for formal gatherings. This is mainly because they look expensive, but are not very comfortable and not suited for lounging.


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