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Door Accents for Your Home

In feng shui, the front door is one of the most important elements of a home. The door must be strong and sturdy, yet remain aesthetically pleasing. This same principle of design goes into making an attractive home with curbside appeal. You don’t want mis-matched colors, rusted door knobs and peeling paint to detract from your investment. Here are some accents to liven up your doorway and add more life to your home.

Most doors, especially wooden ones, either come with glass fitted into the door or you can add-on a glass accent as you want. It’s insulated, so there is a small reduction in the amount of heat that the door lets into the home. This also keeps your home energy efficient, reducing the costs to run your air conditioning or heating.

You may have seen colored decals, or frosted glass as well. These accents are ones you can usually apply yourself, but you can always place a custom order for a particular design that you find appealing.

Glass also comes in one of two forms. As a large lite, you can expect a single pane of glass to let in lots of unobstructed lighting. Windows can also be separated, usually by metal frames, into several smaller lites. Old-fashioned doors used to do this pane by pane, but today’s doors use a single pane, and then apply the divides to the glass for the desired effect.

You can also purchase transoms, which are available in shapes like an arch or an ellipse. These small changes add a lot of character to your entryway and make your door a lot more presentable to guests.

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Bamboo floors in building construction

By Bamboo Flooring Facts

When it comes to construction, the sky’s the limit these days in terms of materials. You can find walls, floors and fixtures made out of all types of different things. Floors are especially diverse these days. You can find them made out of traditional options like ceramic and wood or more exotic choices like polished cement and cork.

One especially popular choice you’re going to continue seeing more of is bamboo. In terms of overall quality and look, you can’t compete with what bamboo floors bring to the table. Plus, thanks to options like wholesale bamboo flooring, value is a priority you can keep when you get your floors installed .You won’t be overspending a dime. Plus, there are even options that make it easy to install these floors on your own.

Bamboo floors have a unique look all their own. They resemble traditional hardwood floors, but with a different pattern that’s unique to bamboo. However, like hardwood floors, they make it obvious your home is a classy establishment. Like the traditional option, they’re also fairly durable and easy to clean and maintain.


Bamboo Flooring Facts offers all the information you’d ever need to know about how to install bamboo flooring, which is increasingly becoming the material of choice for all kinds of floors. Head over there for everything from pricing information to advice on choosing your particular type and how to take care of it so it lasts.

Before You Replace that Furnace

When fall dies down and it becomes clear there’s nowhere to run from winter, most of us begin curtailing plans that force us outdoors. There’s nothing like staying inside where it’s nice and safe from the elements. Thanks to modern furnaces, the indoors always stays nice and warm too.

Unfortunately, winter is often when many of us find out that our furnace isn’t working like it should. It’s natural to want to handle this problem as soon as possible, but don’t go jumping to replace yours. A replacement furnace is no small investment, after all, and there’s still plenty you can do.

Often times all you need are air conditioner filters to heal what’s ailing your system. Many people don’t realize that their furnace works by sucking in air that it first warms before spreading throughout the home in its air ducts. As there’s no guarantee that air is clean, your furnace can easily be spreading dust and debris.

However, your furnace can also be getting clogged because of these pollutants. This could be the reason your system has stopped working.

A replacement furnace filter is a simple, affordable way to fix your system. It works just like air conditioner filters and is easy to install.


Article submitted by Your Filter Connection.  The company sells all kinds of filters for your furnace, so you get high quality air pumping out of your ducts. Just two examples of the brands they sell are 3M and Honeywell furnace filter options.

Cleaning Up the Air

Your home is your sanctuary, and clean it should stay. However, every minute, millions and millions of microscopic intruders enter your fortress of solitude and serenity, polluting not just the air, but leaving their annoying, and equally dusty, traces all over your living area. Put a stop to it today with the help of an electrostatic furnace filter.

With the help of an electrostatic furnace filter most of the pollutants in the air you breathe get trapped in specially designed, electrostatically charged filter media, straining out the contaminants from your air, leaving your air clean and fresh. Working like a magnet on the particulate matter in the air, an electrostatic furnace filter works like ordinary air conditioner filters, working twice as hard filtering the air you breathe as your HVAC system runs its course. However, unlike ordinary air conditioner filters an electrostatic furnace filter has the added benefit of also having finer filter media, capable of straining out contaminants as small as 100 microns, making them work even better than most wire-mesh or fiber-mesh air conditioner filters. Simply equipping your household’s standard furnace filter with a special electrostatic filter can reap rewards in as little as a few hours of air conditioner or furnace run time.

Be smart and protect your home and respiratory health by equipping your home with a high-efficiency filter today. Not only will you save on thousands of dollars on healthcare expenses, but you will keep your home cleaner and your equipment will last longer with less maintenance as well!


Article submitted by Your Filter Connection, expert suppliers of household furnace filter refills and panels.

Changing Your Air Filter: Why Cleaning Surfaces May Not Be Enough

Guest post is provided by Your Filter Connection, a company that distributes quality Filtrete filters. Visit their website for more information.

Regardless of exactly how well you cleanse your residence, you would be shocked to discover that allergens still exist there. You could scrub your counters with bleach and vacuum your home daily, and if you aren’t switching your ac unit 3m air filter, there will certainly still be germs all over your house. This level of germ growth is astonishingly heightened if you aren’t preserving your furnace filter. Dirt, mildew, and mold and a host of other various irritants are presently increasing on your air filter the longer you leave it un-replaced. Each time you switch on a furnace with a filthy air filter, it is multiplying the quantity of irritants in your home.

If you take into consideration the number of pathogens that currently exist in your residence, think about how much more will be dispersed if you do not switch your air filter. Unclean air filters resemble a breeding place for many of these unpleasant particles. They just wait around to be raised off and carried throughout your residence by the air travelling through your furnace. An electrostatic air filter replacement can dramatically improve the air quality in your house.

The secret to remaining healthy in your property is to replace your air filter once a month. Altering your air filter allows air to flow through that is otherwise blocked by dust. This is very important to reducing energy costs and repair works to your furnace. It needs to work much harder when the area for air to move though is obstructed by dirt. This could substantially lessen the life of your furnace, costing you lots of cash to switch out or fix it. So along with keeping you healthy and balanced, consistently changing your air filter to a brand-new Filtrete filter could conserve you cash as well!

How Clean Is The Air You Breathe Inside Your Home?

To keep the air you breathe inside your home healthy you need to properly maintain insulation as well as your air filter, particularly the furnace filter. For popular brands, a replacement Honeywell air filter should be done at least once a month.

A high quality furnace filter could keep 98% of harmful airborne molecules away from our homes, this protects us especially our children from developing respiratory diseases. Aside from this, your homes will smell clean by keeping away molds, fungus and mildew which are the common culprits for a foul odor. An installed furnace or air filters needs to be properly maintained, a dirty air filter could cost you an additional 20 to 30% on your monthly home energy expenditure as well as subjecting your equipment to a possible breakdown. Clean or replace your home air filters every thirty days, some air filters also comes with an indicator to help you know when the filter should be cleaned or replaced. Moreover, some filter manufacturers offers filters that could last up to three months, even so, you will still need to check on it monthly just to make sure that it is clean and performing at optimum level.

Article submitted by Your Filter Connection. Your Filter Connection is a great source of various types and brands of air filter perfect for your home or office. They carry popular and trusted replacement furnace filter products to trap multiple airborne allergens and pollutants.

How A Residential Air Filter Can Award Your Home With Benefits

You may not consider something such as a residential air filter something that can really benefit you.  The fact of the matter though is that it can really improve your home.

Understanding exactly what a filter does is something that not many people fully understand. What a filter does in something such as your furnace is that it will pull all of the unwanted particles out of the air that is circulating around in your home.  When you change out your filter, what you are going to do is to allow your furnace or air conditioner unit to be able to operate at the most effective and efficient performance level.  This is very important due to the fact that you are spending so much money on oil, gas, and electricity to run these units, that you really want to be able to make sure that you are getting the most out of your money.  When you have a brand new filter in there you are going to make sure that you keep out things such as smoke, pollen, dust, and more form the air quality in your home.

Filters from your filter connection will help you get the perfect filter to really improve the air quality of your home.  They can set you up with the perfect filtrate filter for your furnace.  A new heater filter can reap big benefits for you as well as your entire family.  Your home will thank you.

Buying Filters Online through Your Filter Connection

If you are thinking about buying filter online then your filter connection is the most reliable website for this purpose. At your filter connection you will find the filter of you size and most importantly you can shop on the basis of size. You will find filters for all kinds of devices and of all types. Moreover if you are looking for replacement furnace filter then also this site can come in handy and help you to get filter replacements of high quality at reasonable and affordable prices. Replacement furnace filter can be expensive if you do not know the right place to shop for it.

There are many varieties of furnace air filter available in the market. The basic purpose of these filters is to keep the air clean by filtering all the impurities, micro allergens, dirt and dust particles and molds and spores. They are used in furnaces in large industries and factories. Honeywell furnace filer is a creation of Honeywell which is one of the oldest air filter companies available. It has been serving its customers since 1960 and provides high quality performance, electrostatic pleated furnace filters which would keep the air as clean as possible. They are available in sizes from one inch to six inch.

For further detailed information on Honeywell furnace filer or any other kind of furnace air filter you can refer the website. You will find everything that you need here. This site is a hub of information related to all reputed filter brands including Honeywell.