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Prepping Your Doors for Winter Storms

Winter storms can be extremely dangerous for homeowners looking to protect their investment. While everyone understands the potential for destruction caused by hurricanes and tornadoes, the reality is that any serious winter storm can damage a home. This is especially true for doors, which can be damaged by winds hurling rocks and smaller debris at […]


Cleaning Up the Air

Your home is your sanctuary, and clean it should stay. However, every minute, millions and millions of microscopic intruders enter your fortress of solitude and serenity, polluting not just the air, but leaving their annoying, and equally dusty, traces all over your living area. Put a stop to it today with the help of an […]


How Clean Is The Air You Breathe Inside Your Home?

To keep the air you breathe inside your home healthy you need to properly maintain insulation as well as your air filter, particularly the furnace filter. For popular brands, a replacement Honeywell air filter should be done at least once a month. A high quality furnace filter could keep 98% of harmful airborne molecules away […]


King’s Cross Station in London by John McAslan and Partners

Here is some more information from John McAslan + Partners: RANSFORMING KING’S CROSS  LONDON’S HISTORIC STATION ACQUIRES A CONTEMPORARY TWIST The new Western Concourse at King’s Cross opens to the public on Monday 19th March 2012.   “With this multi-phased development now complete, the significance of the King’s Cross Station redevelopment is finally revealed. The transformation […]