5 steps to choosing the right bed


5 steps to choosing the right bed

Written by The Foam Factory

People spend a third of your lives sleeping and therefore choosing the right bed and mattress is vital to getting a good night’s sleep. Here are some areas to consider before choosing your bed.

Don’t just look at it, lie on it – It is important that you always try your bed and mattress before you buy it. Although the salesperson may sell you on the fact that you are getting a discount memory foam mattress with your bed for a low price, it is always best to give your bed a try. The way a mattress and bed feels will greatly depend on a person’s weight and build and therefore its feel, is unique to you.

Choose a bed together – For those who are sharing a bed, you should choose your bed with your partner. This way both you and your partner get a chance to lie on it and assess its comfort.

Think about the size of the room – Your bedroom’s size should be taken into account, because if you have a small bedroom, a large bed will leave you with little or no space.

Make the most of the space with storage beds – For those who are short on space, choose a bed with storage at the bottom, sides, and bed head.

Give yourself room to spread out – For people who like space, it is advisable to choose a king size memory foam mattress and bed.


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