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2015 Trend Watch: (In)Organic is In (and Out)


Keeping up-to-date on interior design trends is an exciting challenge for any décor enthusiast. In 2015, expect the unexpected, especially when it comes to old favorites that have seen very little change such as countertops and doors. The granite countertop has passed the point of ubiquity, but heavy natural wood countertops and backsplashes with organic, unfinished edges are taking the scene. These touches bring parts of nature indoors that old wooden furniture and fixtures left behind. A solid wooden countertop brings with it all of the benefits of a solid slab of wood, including durability and natural beauty.

The Twist

To complete this swap, pair these unexpected organics with an equally unexpected inorganic change somewhere else. Solid colored, un-textured or minimally-textured interior doors pair perfectly with raw, unfinished edges on wood, especially on large pieces of furniture such as tables and shelves. Try matching smaller accessories in the room (knickknacks, clocks, etc.) with the color used for the door, and use large rugs to pull color all the way down to floor level. This balances out the room and showcases the weight and heft of solid wood furniture without competing with hardwood flooring and doors.

Clean Slate

These aggressively minimalist, single-color doors function almost as palate cleansers as you move through your home. This reduces the visual over-saturation of repetitive wood grain textures at eye level, putting them instead at waist or hip height. It also offers an opportunity to use the full surface of the door. For interior doorways, like pantry and closet doors, consider using doors with slats to peek through, rather than imposing distance with more industrial glass panes.

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